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500 kya H. Erectus hand axes found in Israel

Archaeologists in Israel have discovered hundreds of hand-axes likely used by Homo erectus and dating to about 500 kya at Jaljulia northeast of Tel Aviv. The artifacts are made of knapped flint and were unearthed during a dig next to Highway Route 6 which is one of Israel’s busiest routes. 331 more words


INTO Africa and OUT OF Eurasia? Genetics say YES!!

A paper that came out in September 2017 by Professor Ulfur Arnason calls for a new paradigm and it’s making some waves. Professor Arnason is a neuroscientist at the University of Lund in Sweden and in the paper he places the LAST COMMON ANCESTOR of Homo sapiens sapiens (modern humans) and the Neanderthals somewhere in EURASIA, not Africa. 1,912 more words

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A Personal Connection with Dmanisi

Recently I had a DNA analysis done and most of the ethnic results I expected except for one. I was surprised to learn that 5% of my ethnic DNA comes from the Caucasus region located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. 804 more words

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Land of the Giants?

Many Native American legends often speak of the giants who lived in the Americas before their ancestors arrived but there are also other historical accounts of giants in the Americas.  1,705 more words

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Modern Human Timeline Pushed Back and Theories Clash on Neanderthals!

A new study by the Uppsala University et. al. has pushed the emergence of modern humans back to at least 300 kya and possibly even to 350 kya.  324 more words


The Mystery Continues: Archaic Humans in Modern Times

The link below is to an excellent article well worth the read about the growing “mystery” concerning archaic humans with modern human features.  It calls for the revamping of the Out of Africa theory and I wholeheartedly agree! 502 more words

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Earlier Evidence for Erectus' Use of Fire

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I hold the position that the creation and management of man-made fire was a pivotal driver in our brain size increase over the past 2 my. 1,592 more words

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