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Humans In N. America 100k Years Earlier!!

A new study and find has come out and in my mind it is MAJOR NEWS when it comes to ancient human ancestors being in North America. 1,278 more words

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Man Upon the Waters

The world’s oldest KNOWN boat is actually a canoe that basically is nothing more than a hollowed out log. It’s known as the “Pesse Canoe” and is dated at between 11-9.5 kya. 839 more words


The West African Skull "Mystery"

Nestled in a cave near Sidi Moktar which is about 62 miles west of Marrakesh in Morocco seven significant hominid fossils have been found since 1991 which have been dated at about 160 kya.   742 more words

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Part 2: H. Erectus in the Americas: Luzia Woman of Brazil

In the picture above all of the depictions, drawings, artistic re-creations are of Homo erectus.  Ape-like, human-like, somewhere inbetween-like?  White, tan, red, black, et al. Large brow, smaller brow.   2,750 more words

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Were the Red Deer Cave People Australoids?

Back in January 2016 I posted about one of my favorite ancient human ancestors known as the Red Deer Cave People(aka “Enigma Man”) (see link below). 830 more words

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Mungo Man: The Enigma Found in Australia!!

Back in February of 1974 researcher Jim Bowler and his team found an enigma as they were sifting through the sand dunes near the dry Lake Mungo in southwestern New South Wales, Australia. 1,080 more words


Contact from a fan wanting to know why I believe in bigfoot!

Here is an interesting email I recently received:

Dear Dr. Peron:

I have read almost every post on your blog including those about “bigfoot.”  Your writing skills are beyond approach and your knowledge is phenomenal.   2,090 more words

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