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Ancestor of Homo Genus. (Humans)
It is widely accepted that population similar to Homo erectus was directly ancestral to the earliest members of living species Homo sapiens. 260 more words

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500,000 Year Old Engraving Rewrites View Of Human History


A team of researchers from Leiden University in the Netherlands have discovered what appears to be the oldest known engraving in human history. The geometric marks were found on a fossilized mollusc shell that dates back approximately 500,000 years ago. 486 more words


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le présent du passé au cube, 2013

Orrorin (6 millions d’années) est bien debout, il est bien bipède, mais la morphologie des fémurs conduit à le rapprocher de préhumains particuliers, les… 1,380 more words


CreationWiki, evolution and the inerrant Bible

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For all of us who are interested in fringe groups, CreationWiki provides us with an invaluable resource.

Naturally it is pretty dubious as a scientific source, but it gives us deep insights into the mind of creationists. 1,100 more words

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I'm 2.8% Neanderthal Genetically According to 23andMe Genotyping

To best understand this post, you might need a little anthropology background on human prehistory (before written history) if you don’t already know it well. The award winning set of videos below are about as good, simple and complete a picture on human evolution as I’ve ever seen. 249 more words