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GIANTS! Fact or Fiction?

I received an email recently from someone wanting to know about giants. She wanted to know if I believed if “all of the giant stories” are real or not. 1,701 more words

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Libya's "Calico Hills": Artifacts Galore O MY!

The esteemed Paleoanthropologist Louis Leakey, as I’ve noted many times, left his work in Africa and came to America fully expecting to find evidence of prehistoric humans just as he’d found much evidence for in East Africa. 1,864 more words

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Homo Erectus and Modern Living?

Back in 2010 some research was done at the Gesher Benot Ya’aqov site in Israel and what was discovered was rather amazing. Well, for some people but not for the rest of us! 882 more words

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Seafaring and Ancient Sea Levels

Could ancient people from Asia have taken a sea route instead of a land route into the Americas? Is it possible that they could have built boats and actually sailed across the Pacific or along the ancient shoreline to reach the New World? 1,459 more words

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Homo erectus Genes in Modern Humans!

Back in December of 2010 author and Cryptozoologist Austin Whittall posted on his blog concerning genes from H. erectus being in modern humans. Whittall is one of the very few Cryptozoologists that I even pay attention to as I think most are charlatans, frankly. 1,015 more words

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Sex, Neanderthals, and Mods...oh my!!

The above are various reconstructions of Neanderthals (men, women, children).  Notice they look very human.  Notice they don’t look like apes as some artists portray them with excessive amounts of body hair and very large browridges.   640 more words

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Evidence of Mystery DNA Found!

A new computer analysis has revealed that traces of an unknown hominid species may be hiding in the people of Melanesia. Melanesia is a Pacific region that includes Papua New Guinea and surrounding islands. 626 more words

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