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Red Deer Cave People....Revisited

As you know one of my favorite human species (or hybrids) are the Red Deer Cave People whose remains are found in two cave sites in China. 712 more words


Is Neoteny the Problem in the West?

We’ve got a lot of 30-something males still living at home with mommy and daddy today.  They don’t work and aren’t married and basically all they do is sit in the basement playing video games endlessly or engaging in some other recreational activity that one would expect to see a teenage boy doing.   1,425 more words


The Irhoud Skulls in Morocco...REVISITED

In 1961 the bones & skeleton were determined to be Neanderthal hunters. Neanderthals are not Homo sapiens, however. “the oldest Homo sapiens ever found in Africa or elsewhere.” Seriously? 428 more words

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Rising Star Cave Yields New Discoveries

Rising Star Cave is the site in South Africa excavated by Dr Lee Berger and his team. It was here that they found a new species of ancient human called Homo naledi. 817 more words

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Homo Erectus Had Human-like Cognition 1.8 mya!!

A new study by the Indiana University suggests “human-like” ways of thinking may have evolved 1.8 mya.  This conclusion was reached, “By using highly advanced brain imaging technology to observe modern humans crafting ancient tools…” 394 more words


Humans In N. America 100k Years Earlier!!

A new study and find has come out and in my mind it is MAJOR NEWS when it comes to ancient human ancestors being in North America. 1,421 more words

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Man Upon the Waters

The world’s oldest KNOWN boat is actually a canoe that basically is nothing more than a hollowed out log. It’s known as the “Pesse Canoe” and is dated at between 11-9.5 kya. 839 more words