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Recap of Yesterday

Yesterday was a good day, and I can say that confidently. :) Jayce and I went to visit Isaac in Almond. All in all the day was filled with a happy baby, great company, and delicious food. 348 more words

Maternity Wants + A Want for Baby + Bump Update...

~*~Maternity Wants~*~

Alright I just bought a pair of these awesome Rock-star Maternity jeans from old navy. I’m thinking I might have to buy one more pair when I get bigger, like third trimester, bigger.. 908 more words

Sunday Funday

Both Isabel and her sister Eva enjoyed an eventful weekend of playdates and outings. Isa rides in the Ergo carrier and just goes with the flow without fuss, so it makes it really easy to bring her along on adventures. 143 more words