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Adesso Tru-Form 150: The Worst Nice-Looking Ergonomic Keyboard

I recently decided that it was time for me to get a new keyboard to use at home. I had reached the point where I was… 808 more words


Things I like: Ergonomic Desk

What if you spent money on things that actually changed your day to day happiness? It’s a question I hear a lot on the Tim Ferriss podcast (I’ve started reading his new book, … 128 more words

Quick Note - United Airlines announces ergonomic interventions

It was announced yesterday that United Airlines is going to be making a series of ergonomic changes to the baggage handling process as a result of a lawsuit filed by the OSHA office in Parsippany, NJ that was brought as a result of more than… 75 more words


Meditation chair that can help your back

There many kinds of meditation seats, and selecting well will allow you to possess a secure physical basis for the meditation practice, particularly when you’re injured, whether temporarily or forever, or involve some kind of distress in sitting in among the more conventional postures on a pillow (like the lotus or half-lotus position). 448 more words


Hip pain isn't only because of your office chair.

You may not believe that hip pain is not caused by great office chairs? The truth will surprise you, in the event that you do. 598 more words


Good budget chairs for your back

Need to be a professional gamer? Focus on an excellent gaming seat that prioritizes biological engineering.

Between blogging throughout gaming and the day within my my spare time I sit in my own seat at least 50 hrs per week. 749 more words