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Tale of a Fingerstyle Guitarist

And His Newly Found Love of Using a Pick


The year was 1986 and I was holding in my hands my first acoustic guitar. It had been purchased with money I had saved and to my mother’s dismay, acquired just days before my birthday. 1,270 more words

Is your Chair Ergonomic Enough?

Aaron H Allen from Boston, US had received a patent granted for his product “Improvement of Self-Adjusting Opera Seat” on December 05, 1854. The seat goes upright when you get up.

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Complete Guide to Office Ergonomics

Feel tired, stressed out and unproductive? Did you know your office postures can greatly influence your work performance, your health or your life? Studies have shown that a poor posture is correlated with low levels of energy, decreased cognitive function and poor overall quality of life! 110 more words


New Petzl Ice Tools for 2018 (with video) - Gear News

As winter approaches and temperatures drop, thoughts turn away from warm rock climbs to frigid frosty faces, cauliflowered columns, pencil pillars and drooping daggers. Then there’s strenuous steinpulling, tenuous torques and hero hooks – the world of the mixedmaster. 476 more words


The Redox Keyboard

Alternative keyboard layouts like Colemak and Dvorak are nothing new; they allow easier access to more often used keys to reduce the strain placed on the hands during typing. 211 more words

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This Keyboard And Mouse Also Gives You A Workout

The Ergonomic Handheld Mouse / Keyboard Alternative from is an all-in-one solution for your keyboarding and cursor moving needs.

The core of this build is a ‘grip-strengthening’ device that’s sold to guitarists. 191 more words

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The Huge Importance of Ergonomic Office Furniture and Its Benefits

It is not something that is fashion; it is one of the most important factors of office furniture design. According to experts, furniture ergonomics is the science behind making employees more comfortable in their work environment. 351 more words