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This Keyboard And Mouse Also Gives You A Workout

The Ergonomic Handheld Mouse / Keyboard Alternative from is an all-in-one solution for your keyboarding and cursor moving needs.

The core of this build is a ‘grip-strengthening’ device that’s sold to guitarists. 191 more words

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The Huge Importance of Ergonomic Office Furniture and Its Benefits

It is not something that is fashion; it is one of the most important factors of office furniture design. According to experts, furniture ergonomics is the science behind making employees more comfortable in their work environment. 351 more words


Delux Ergonomic Mouse M618 Review

I’ve been pretty much satisfactory with my el cheapo ‘gaming’ mouse from eBay for over 3 years now.. Multiple functions and nice color-changing LED’s…

Until one day, I started to experience a slight cramp in my right wrist. 181 more words


How are PrimeCables’ Sit Stand Desks different from Ergotron, Ugoboro, and VariDesk – read here!

Sit stand desks are one of the biggest and best purchases a worker can make to change the way they do business. Be it buying for one’s own personal office or for use at work, a customized ergonomic sit stand desk solution is right around the corner with PrimeCables. 377 more words

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Kids Need Ergonomics Too – Check out our Ergonomic Height Adjustable Desk for Kids!

Classroom furniture like an ergonomic height adjustable desk for kids helps keep students locked in to work. If there’s been any struggle at home keeping a child focused on studying, researching, and writing, providing them their very own ergonomic desk might be a way to help. 395 more words

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How to Build your Own Workstation with Budget

Via PrimeCables, it’s more than possible to build a personalized workstation for yourself on budget. Browsing the pages of one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce sites, you’ll see hundreds of potential… 400 more words

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Get our Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat to gain Extra Comfort while working

Posture-correcting ergonomic accessories are all the rage among students, office workers, and at-home professionals. Creating the most comfortable work environment is key to maintaining productivity, and ensuring that the neck, back, and hip pain common among office workers is kept at bay. 376 more words

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