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 Food Poisoning:  Then and Now  [18th Century CE to the Present]

A recently savored loaf of onion rye bread brought to mind Mary Kilbourne Matossian’s Poisons of the Past:  Molds, Epidemics, and History, which argued that food poisoning, especially from ergot growth on damp rye, influenced mass outbreaks of delusion, violence, and religious mania more than was previously generally thought. 430 more words

Patterns of End-Stage Renal Disease Caused by Diabetes, Hypertension, and Glomerulonephritis in Live Kidney Donors

Completing the trilogy of papers published in the December issue of the American Journal of Transplantation that was dedicated to living donors, our lab looks for  30 more words

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Ergot you babe.....

So it’s that time again that I’m sure you have all been waiting in anticipation for…plant of the ‘week’ of what week I’m not quite sure, but they are only minor details. 660 more words


What's Your Poison? Ergot!

Did you know:

  • Ergot is a toxic fungus that grows mainly on rye plants.
  • Claviceps purpurea can also infect barley, oats, and wheat.
  • It reduces the crop yield and causes a disease called…
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Medieval Monday: The Labors of August

The most crucial labor in August was harvesting and threshing the rye and winter wheat, which would have to sustain the community through many months to come. 469 more words

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Dairymen and Horse Owners: Caution with rye straw

Due to a shortage of wheat straw in the United States, more and more dairy and equine operations are switching to rye straw for bedding. According to experts at the UK CAFÉ,  this can be a good option, but there are several unique considerations with rye straw. 173 more words

Don't Stop Me Now

Today is, as I mentioned yesterday, the feast day of Saint John the Baptist but, as I’ve already mentioned that, lets have a look what happened on this day in 1374 in Aachen, Germany. 696 more words

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