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What is there to see?

The Boy Scout/Crow Point trail is one that some of us walk several times a year. We get to know every rise and turn pretty well. 902 more words

What's Your Poison? Ergot!

Did you know:

  • Ergot is a toxic fungus that grows mainly on rye plants.
  • Claviceps purpurea can also infect barley, oats, and wheat.
  • It reduces the crop yield and causes a disease called…
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Medieval Monday: The Labors of August

The most crucial labor in August was harvesting and threshing the rye and winter wheat, which would have to sustain the community through many months to come. 578 more words

Allison D. Reid

June 24, 1374 Dancing Plague

A legend of the medieval Christian church had it that, if anyone provoked the wrath of Saint Vitus, the Sicilian martyred in 303AD, he would send down plagues of compulsive dancing.  446 more words

Ergot on Rye

tl;dr: Ergot is a forgotten plague that teaches a lesson about the cost of ignorance, and perhaps, offers another one on the price of sanity and the value of a little madness. 1,624 more words


Patterns of End-Stage Renal Disease Caused by Diabetes, Hypertension, and Glomerulonephritis in Live Kidney Donors

Completing the trilogy of papers published in the December issue of the American Journal of Transplantation that was dedicated to living donors, our lab looks for  30 more words

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