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The Mystery of English Sweating Sickness

It’s easy to imagine how hard it must be to diagnose an ancient disease from bones alone. Many illness leave no trace on the skeleton, and soft tissues are rarely preserved, so in most cases it is impossible to even say that an animal or prehistoric human was sick at the time of their death, much less what they died of. 1,993 more words


The Fungus Man - Retardo Culo Strikes Again!

Excerpt from The Fungus Man

“Jim, meet Doc Handley. Doc, meet Jim Jefferson,”

Thus did Manny introduced me to Doc, who extended his right hand to grip mine like a vise. 1,063 more words

David Arthur Walters

Pocket Full of Rye

In a New England town one cold February morning in 1692, a girl began to bark at her father, screaming and convulsing about the room. Later, that girl’s cousin also began to show similar trembling and screaming fits. 819 more words


Six Common Foods that Can Make You Sick

It’s obvious that  extra food portions of food will add calories and extra weight to your waistline. What you may not be aware of is that larger quantities of some common foods can actually make you sick. 489 more words


Dinosaurs and LSD - Grassroots UPDATE

A few months ago I wrote on this blog about the possible evolutionary origin of grass during the Cretaceous period. Although grass was generally accepted as having evolved during the Eocene (40 million years ago) there were some intriguing phytoliths from India which suggested otherwise. 536 more words

Big Debates

Quotes & Links #38

1) zeit.de: Pegida – Die gefährlichen Ängste der Alten

Und jetzt erzählt mir mein Onkel, er wolle noch schnell die Zuwanderung begrenzen? Und damit die einzigen, die mir helfen könnten, seine Rente zu bezahlen, aus Deutschland fernhalten?

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