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The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of Emotional Intelligence

With thanks to Eric Barker, everyone benefits from a Specialist-Generalist working on their ’emotional intelligence’.

So what is it really? It’s a concept that John Mayer of the University of New Hampshire and Yale professor Peter Salovey came up with in the early 90’s that was subsequently studied and popularized by Daniel Goleman.

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Carry On Spying

Film Title

Carry On Spying


Gerald Thomas


  • Kenneth Williams as Desmond Simpkins
  • Barbara Windsor as Daphne Honeybutt
  • Bernard Cribbins as Harold Crump
  • Charles Hawtrey as Charlie Bind…
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Distracted? There’s an App for that...

Eric Barker writes a great blog; I’ve told three people about the thesis in this post, in the last week or so.

Neuroscience increasingly suggests we’re all more a bunch of impulsive Apps than a well designed rational operating system. 802 more words


Increase Your Happiness Level

We all want to be happy, right?  I wrote a post on happiness before, but I thought I would take another dive into it after reading an interesting article by Eric Barker titled,  591 more words


Think small

I’ve signed up to a terrific blog from a chap called Eric Barker from UCLA. Loads of great resources, links to thought-provoking books and simple ‘to do’ lists to do more. 115 more words


Ludic loop

In his blog post on breaking phone addiction, Erik Barker uses a quote from NYU marketing and psychology professor Adam Antler to explain why we keep checking our phones again and again. 223 more words