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A 'royal' insult? NYT writer's Hillary snark makes Eric Boehlert hyperventilate

New York Times writer Jason Horowitz mocked Hillary Clinton’s press availability (or lack thereof):

In Iowa, Queen Hillary and the Everyday Americans of the Round Table distribute alms to the clamoring press.

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Eric 'Boot Licker' Boehlert shakes head over Stephanopoulous scandal — for the wrong reason, natch

Awww, this is nice. Looks like Hilary Rosen and Jonathan Chait have a kindred spirit in Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert:

gave the Clinton Foundation $50K, but who's keeping track…..

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'Damn vast right-wing conspiracy!' Eric Boehlert smells a GOP-media Hillary hunt

Uh-oh … Eric Boehlert, boy detective, smells a rat!

GOP theme this week: HIllary won't talk to press DC media theme this week: HIllary won't talk to press.

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'Awesome' NY Post cover photo and article gives Eric Boehlert the vapors

The New York Post is not ready for Hillary’s assumed presidential announcement today at noon. Check it out:

Hillary Clinton’s presidential plan is growing stale…

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'HOLY LURKING VARIABLES, BATMAN': Even Matt Yglesias knows Eric Boehlert is full of it

.@EricBoehlert Every time you tweet, I wonder…how does this guy have the ability to function each day? Then I remember, you really don't

— Matthew (@Matthops82) …

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'Ethics don't apply'? Eric Boehlert's pitiful defense of Clinton Foundation given doses of reality

Yep, Boehlert's in overdrive this morning. https://t.co/1LC0DmXx1k

— CounterMoonbat (@CounterMoonbat) February 26, 2015

The Clinton Foundation’s ethics violations could be a big problem for Hillary Clinton if she does indeed run for the Democrat nomination next year, especially if the mainstream media pursues the story.

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Eric Boehlert tries hitting Bush to rescue Clinton, gets spanked by reality

He certainly gives all the other “skincrawlingly smarmy, hacktastic, abominable douchewaffles” a run for their money.

W. Bush leaves office, paints pictures. Bill Clinton leaves offices builds $2B global charity.

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