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'Feel the Bern': Eric Boehlert wonders if Dems are going to allow NYT to 'openly wage war' on Hillary

The New York Times has been committing the sin of not looking the other way when it comes to Hillary Clinton’s private server, deleted email and all the rest: 317 more words

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#BlackMonday: OOPS! These Eric Boehlert Dow flashback tweets are beyond parody [screenshots]

Indeed. But just how ignorant is he? Well, as Twitchy readers know, the stock market is plummeting:

It’s #BlackMonday around the world, as U.S. markets plunged more than 1,000 points within seconds of opening.

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Eric Boehlert, who whines about every Hillary story, tells Rubio to stop whining

Yep, this is all he does and his continued lack of self awareness is hilarious. Are there no mirrors at Media Matter HQ?

one way to show yr ready for Big Leagues is not cry/whine abt every little news story.

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'Just sucking in garbage': Lefty media doofuses defend NYT's bogus 'luxury' spin

Because clearly there’s nothing more pressing for them to worry about.

Earlier this afternoon, Politico reported that Marco Rubio’s “luxury speedboat” — as characterized by The New York Times — was actually a fishing boat. 739 more words


'Could you be any more pathetic?' Eric Boehlert's spin on NYT's Rubio hit job is truly beyond parody

Is it ever.

But it also happens to be hiiiiiiii-larious!

it's almost like different rules apply to them….. https://t.co/i7muwghn27

— Eric Boehlert (@EricBoehlert) …

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