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'HOLY LURKING VARIABLES, BATMAN': Even Matt Yglesias knows Eric Boehlert is full of it

.@EricBoehlert Every time you tweet, I wonder…how does this guy have the ability to function each day? Then I remember, you really don't

— Matthew (@Matthops82) …

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'Ethics don't apply'? Eric Boehlert's pitiful defense of Clinton Foundation given doses of reality

Yep, Boehlert's in overdrive this morning. https://t.co/1LC0DmXx1k

— CounterMoonbat (@CounterMoonbat) February 26, 2015

The Clinton Foundation’s ethics violations could be a big problem for Hillary Clinton if she does indeed run for the Democrat nomination next year, especially if the mainstream media pursues the story.

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Eric Boehlert tries hitting Bush to rescue Clinton, gets spanked by reality

He certainly gives all the other “skincrawlingly smarmy, hacktastic, abominable douchewaffles” a run for their money.

W. Bush leaves office, paints pictures. Bill Clinton leaves offices builds $2B global charity.

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Eric Boehlert makes a prediction on Scott Walker and 2016

Is it a big deal that presumed 2016 GOP presidential candidate Gov. Scott Walker left college a few credits short of his degree?

Eric Boehlert thinks so and made this prediction: 230 more words

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'You're not a smart man, are you?' Eric Boehlert attempts to troll the 'RW media' on Bergdahl and 'American Sniper'

Twitchy regular Eric Boehlert from the perpetually aggrieved Media Matters is at it again, this time with an inane and ludicrous strawman argument comparing the story of Navy SEAL hero Chris Kyle to that of… 159 more words