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Review: NCISLA "Sirens" (S8E10)

Another week, another solid episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. I’m beginning to feel a little spoiled by the show’s consistency, which is slowly but surely raising my weekly expectations. 1,793 more words


An NCISLA Thanksgiving Story: Family

“You’re worried about him.”

He wasn’t aware Callen had come up behind him until he voiced his own thoughts.

“He thinks he’s handling it.”

“And you don’t,” Callen replied softly as they stood side by side on the balcony looking down at Deeks as he fussed with some papers on his desk. 1,932 more words


Review: NCISLA "Glasnost" (S8E09)

The consistently high quality of the first eight episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 is a credit to all the writers and especially to showrunner R. 1,783 more words


The Thing (2011)

An Arctic research team discovers an alien spaceship buried in the ice and unwittingly unleashes a hostile life form that is capable of absorbing and duplicating any living creature with which it comes into contact. 155 more words


Review: NCISLA "Parallel Resistors" (S8E08)

In my mind Joe Sachs may never live down writing two of my least favorite NCIS: Los Angeles episodes (“Drive” and “Blaze of Glory”), but with this week’s “Parallel Resistors” he fared pretty well. 1,477 more words


Bringing Up Brandel Part 2

Dysfunctional homes are tough places to grow up. They’re chaotic, unpredictable, and scary. Dangerous even. They’re filled with secrets, and they’re confusing and shaming. This atmosphere, created by the alcoholic, the addict, or the abuser and enabled by other family members, often leads children to fill very specific roles that help the family function with a minimum of turmoil and stress. 3,604 more words


Review: NCISLA "Crazy Train" (S8E07)

Episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles can be exciting, funny, or even frustrating. In the hands of a writer like Frank Military, they can be dark and dramatic. 1,946 more words