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Navigating Happiness

The present is constantly passing, and with it’s departure are fleeing accomplishments and struggles. Although sanity suggests that it is healthier to hold the good times closer than the bad, like all things in life, healthy peace of mind, body, and spirit, require us to equally reflect over our shortcomings and triumphs. 1,382 more words

"Kevin Alan Lamb"

Precious & Precarious

“I call this an amazing life we’re all living.” Possessed By Paul James

It’s sweet and bitter, constantly felt and occasionally understood. The foundation of gratitude exists in the tendency to count and recognize little blessings, day to day. 932 more words

"Good Sign"

Sets Me Free

Sweet for you and what you do to me

Your beauty consumes me

The thought and feeling of you moves me

My mind wanders and wonders what could be? 270 more words

Eric Hampton Photography


Your smile shines bright and is in my heart when I fall asleep each night

Your belief in me inspires vision beyond my usual sight… 435 more words

Eric Hampton Photography

All of Us

With flowers in her hair no timid man would dare to steal a kiss, on lips that remind that love will never be lost, only missed. 838 more words

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