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Week 2 Friday Night Frenzy Preview

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – It was an exciting opening weekend for high school football in North Carolina, with games taking place over three nights in the Charlotte area. 892 more words


Day 16 @ MSPIFF 2015: 'The End Of The Tour' (Not) Reviewed

I sort of thought it would be fun to write a review of the new film The End of the Tour as short as David Foster Wallace’s masterpiece… 235 more words


Day 13 @ MSPIFF 2015: 'I Touched All Your Stuff' Reviewed

When press notes compare a documentary to Errol Morris, what does that typically tell you as a viewer? Does it suggest that you’re going to see a film that digs like a termite at its subject? 487 more words


Day 8 @ MSPIFF 2015: 'Girlhood' Reviewed

There are longueurs that occur throughout French director Céline Sciamma’s new drama Girlhood almost as if on a schedule. These moments feature the central character Marieme (Karidja Toure) seemingly soaking in a privileged moment in isolation from her environment, from her social life, from her responsibilities. 472 more words


Album Review: Bladecatcher - "Obverse" (EP)

If you’re not familiar with Eric Henderson—or his more ominous, truncated moniker, “E.”—a look through his back catalogue can be just a tad intimidating. Over the years, the Colorado-based multi-instrumentalist’s been involved in no less than… 387 more words


Day 4 @ MSPIFF 2015: 'Clouds Of Sils Maria' Reviewed

Of all the contemporary name-brand directors on the festival circuit today, Olivier Assayas may be one of the most enigmatic. His films usually play with a high degree of clarity, though just as often it may be difficult to discern exactly where he’s going with his material. 545 more words


Day 3 @ MSPIFF 2015: 'Virtuosity' Reviewed

Allow me a personal indulgence. One year ago this month, I auditioned in MacPhail School of Music’s concerto competition. It was the first time I’d tried out for anything on piano since high school. 653 more words