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Obama's Immigration Policy

I was recently pondering our current immigration policy—the one with porous borders and an open invitation for anyone in the world to come on in—and I was reminded of a scene from one of my favorite comedies; … 207 more words


Supreme Court Refusal Protects Illegal Immigrants' "Right to Vote"

By Joe Wolverton for THE NEW AMERICAN

Yet another rejection of constitutional principles by the Supreme Court has been overlooked in the furor over the pro-Obamacare and same-sex marriage decisions. 1,154 more words

Illegal Immigration

Federal report faults police actions during Ferguson unrest

FERGUSON, Missouri (AP) — Police antagonized crowds that gathered to protest last year’s fatal shooting of a young black man by a white officer in Ferguson, violated free-speech rights and made it difficult to hold officers accountable, according to a U.S. 382 more words


NBC: "White Americans Are Biggest Terror Threat in U.S."

First you demonize.  Then you criminalize.  Then you exterminate.  This is how Genocides are started.

Obama’s Regime with help from his Praetorian Media are furiously pushing the meme that White Americans are the biggest terror threat to the country. 695 more words


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This can not end well --- we will be in a race war where no one wins! The preachers and the ministers better stop this for their the only ones people will listen to now. The Federal government is a joke!

Not About The Confederate Flag - It's About The Pure Unrestrained Hatred Hidden By MSM....

Actions and Consequences

ACTIONS = Activists organize/rally in Charleston South Carolina yesterday:

CONSEQUENCES = The above professional agitation occurred simultaneous to this next event happening. ( 32 more words

Media Bias

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These people are insane what in the world do they thing this will result it?

Detroit Police Chief Calls Violent Armed Street Thugs "Urban Terrorists" - Outrage Ensues....

The Detroit police Chief broke the rules of the current narrative.  He was supposed to say the twelve people shot were attacked by flags, it’s the flags’ fault, it has to be the flags….  272 more words

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They are what they are!

Eric 'Workplace Violence' Holder calls #CharlestonShooting act of terrorism, warns of domestic threat

Former Attorney General Eric Holder’s retirement wasn’t fast, but it was infuriating. After a minimum of three resignation notices and overblown farewell ceremonies over the course of eight months, Holder finally bid farewell for real with a heartfelt/nauseating “I love you all madly, thank you.” 264 more words

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