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What Craziness Is Going on in Saudi Arabia?

What’s going on in Saudi Arabia? Over 200 bigwigs detained and ‘illegal profits’ of some $800 billion confiscated.

The kingdom is in an uproar. The Saudi regime of King Salman and his ambitious 32-year old son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, claim it was all part of an ‘anti-corruption’ drive that has Washington’s full backing. 782 more words


Mission Creep in Darkest Africa

`Take up the white man’s burden’

Rudyard Kipling, poet laureate of British imperialism

The British Empire, which at the end of the 19th century ruled one quarter of the earth’s land surface, is long gone.

799 more words

Four Myths About World War II

This ancient fortress city that guards the traditional invasion route along the Meuse River from Germany into France is a good place to reflect on the lingering myths that still cloud our understanding of World War II. 954 more words


Raqqa Destroyed to Liberate It

The so-called Islamic State organization was primarily a bogeyman encouraged by the western powers. I’ve been saying this for the last four years.

I asserted, as a former soldier and war correspondent, that IS would collapse like a wet paper bag if proper western ground forces attacked their strongholds in Syria and Iraq. 739 more words


Trump Shoots the US in the Foot Over Iran

President Donald Trump has put the United States on the course for war with Iran. That was clearly his objective last Friday when he refused to certify the international nuclear accord with Iran and proclaimed heavy sanctions against Tehran’s powerful paramilitary Revolutionary Guards Corps. 764 more words


Arriba Catalonia!

‘Every people has the god-given right to mismanage their own affairs’

Margolis Law #3

I’ve always been a rebel, revolutionary, iconoclast and all-around bad boy. Naturally, I have sympathy for most revolutionary movements. 818 more words


The Vietnam Nightmare – Again

Much of America, including yours truly, has been watching the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) series, ‘Vietnam.’ Instead of clarifying that confusing conflict, the series has ignited fiery controversy and a lot of long-repressed anger by soft-soaping Washington’s motives. 1,050 more words