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Police Brutality in America: Desis are Far from Exempt

An Alabama police officer who caused 57 year old Sureshbhai Patel to be hospitalized in a state of paralysis will not face criminal charges for his actions. 229 more words

You don’t have to be black to be assaulted by police in America

Don’t get me wrong: it’s pretty clear that it helps. But US police will lavish their inhumane power-tripping abuse on a broader spectrum of skin colours and ages than we realised (or than I did), and US juries fail to convict guilty officers. 802 more words


Sureshbhai Patel, Old Indian Men, and Police Complicity

Sureshbhai Patel is a 57 year old Indian man. On February 6, 2015, he was seriously injured while detained by police officers. He had been walking around his son’s neighborhood; someone called dispatch thinking he was suspicious. 710 more words



Eric Parker (26 years old) was serving as a police officer in Madison, Alabama in U.S until February 6, 2015 when a video of him was captured where he threw a 58-year-old Indian man to the ground which left the man badly injured. 106 more words


COURTROOM BLOG: Judge declares mistrial in federal trial of Eric Parker, Madison police officer

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The jury did not reach a unanimous verdict in the federal trial of Eric Parker, a Madison police officer charged with violating a man’s civil rights earlier this year. 16 more words


Madison officer facing federal charges appears before judge in Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – A Madison police officer accused of depriving a man of his civil rights had a pre-trial hearing in federal court in Birmingham on Tuesday. 390 more words


AntiMedia | Cop federally charged for paralyzing Indian grandfather visiting America

SOURCE: AntiMedia | Cassius Methyl 

On February 6th, Former Madison police officer Eric Sloan Parker slammed an Indian grandfather face first to the pavement, showing the world what happens if you visit America without understanding the violent nature of a police state. 341 more words

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