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Tuna with Chimichurri and Greens

A few weeks ago the fish representative at Whole Foods made me very upset. My mother and I, on our daily pilgrimage to the store, stopped by the fish counter to pick up a little bit of cod to decorate a Greek salad for lunch. 367 more words


Peruvian Juanes and Why I Love to Cook... [RECIPE]

When I cook in the kitchen something magical happens to me. I go into “the zone” and all my thoughts of the day fade away. With each recipe I find myself pushing for absolute perfection on a plate. 610 more words


Live Now List Reflection #29: Make a Homemade Meal for Your Loved Ones

I love it when my daughter adores a well-cooked meal I’ve made. But you know what I love even more? Getting her involved and then she really loves the dish! 633 more words


Live Now List Challenge #29: Make a Homemade Meal for Your Loved Ones

I have a confession to make: I am a cookbook addict. No, seriously, I have two very fast-growing shelves of cookbooks. I love all types of cookbooks. 653 more words


Shabby Cheffy

Do you ever wonder what type of food gets served at the home of a famous chef? I do. Often! Especially when I’m cooking for my home clan. 824 more words


Invisible Perfection

What the Diner (Hopefully) Doesn’t Notice

At Le Bernardin, one of New York’s premier four-star restaurants, excellence happens best when it’s not seen at all… 137 more words

Guest Experience

The Elements of Service

The center of attention in a four-star restaurant may be the food, but it’s the service before, during, and after that creates the experience.

At Le Bernardin in New York City, the service is as much the creation of Executive Chef Eric Ripert as is his exquisite dishes. 500 more words

Guest Experience