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Cinema’s First Out Gay Superhero Faces His Greatest Challenge
Hollywood Legends Face Off in a New Star-Packed Adventure
Nationwide Rollout Begins in January 2018

Surge of Power Enterprises is proud to announce the theatrical debut of the long-anticipated sequel to the groundbreaking and lighthearted superhero movie “Surge of Power: The Stuff of Heroes.” “Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel” will begin with a weeklong run in Los Angeles before fighting crime in additional cities. 242 more words


Skin Traffik (2015)

Plot: Bradley (Gary Daniels) is one of the best at what he does, which is to ensure whatever needs to be done, gets done. His last assignment involved getting a valuable data disc from a crime lord, which he did, but it was supposed to be his final run. 638 more words

Editorial: A Masterful Ranking

In “Remembrance of the Daleks”, the Doctor muses “You can always tell a man by the quality of his enemies”. To me, the Master is the most definitive enemy of the Doctor.” He is everything the Doctor isn’t. 861 more words

Doctor Who

'Wonder Woman' Actress Connie Nielsen Talks About Her Early Roles

Connie Nielsen is no stranger to playing royalty. The Danish actress got her big U.S. break portraying Lucilla, daughter of the emperor, in 2000’s “Gladiator,” which won the best picture Oscar. 1,113 more words


Most Unwanted

Which actor or actress is like nails on a chalkboard to you?  Who do you avoid at all costs?  In the September 1992 issue of Movieline magazine, the writers asked a bunch of random moviegoers which stars they found the most annoying.   2,797 more words


August 20th, 2017 Movie - Sharktopus

Nothing like a Roger Corman movie to get the day started. I remember when Syfy first aired the trailer for today’s movie and it ended up getting a lot of attention on YouTube, mainly due to the song attached to it. 1,297 more words

Movie Review