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Game and art

Are games art, that’s the question that Eric Zimmerman provides a very in-depth look at in the article “Games, stay away from art. Please.” Games are a very specific type of art, they tell many different stories and allow a person’s imagination to run wild they capture interests and spark queries and alternative views of our world. 859 more words


March 28, 2015

Eric Zimmerman

It was a very hot summer day in 2001 and I was getting ready to cross some of the most arid and desolate lands in the United States. 407 more words

Touching Stories On Previous Walks

Why is a little village better than a metropolis?

PUUUUUUUMBA! (the portuguese equivalent of “BOOOM!”) Here I am, blasting everything today with this super cool diagram straight away!

I took it from chapter 24 “Games as the Play of Pleasure” p.23 in the book… 1,537 more words

The Game

Too Many Days of Games: Day 112 — Quantum

File me under: Space, the final FUN-tier

What It’s All About: Quantum is a beautifully minimal 4x game (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate). 2-4 players control space faring races racing to establish themselves across the galaxy. 270 more words


Games aren't always (just) fun

Effective Gameplay in Dark Souls

I hate Dark Souls (a video game whose 2011 release can be blamed on From Software, Namco Bandai, and Hidetaka Miyazaki). 712 more words


The New Significance of Games

Realizado por PBS Digital Studios en su serie de videos Off Book, nos traen en este minidocumental una mirada distinta hacia los videojuegos. Nos muestran diferentes opiniones y vivencias de los videojuegos desde distintos sectores de la industria. 42 more words


Here, There and Everywhere - Quantum review

The Judge is a man of taste and style, and though we know he loves his games, he can sometimes be quite reticent in handing out the praise. 1,156 more words