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Holding Eric part 22

Holding Eric part 22

Watching past the Buick parked by the front door, heavy traffic for six thirty at night, looking upward spotting the shopping center at the light, two lanes you think they would have put a turning lane by now slowly sipping past the steaming coffee, Jacob watching the gray suited guy holding that cup so still trying to get warm asking “You want a Donut or something Hot’ they have egg sandwiches if you like?” 2,379 more words

Chapter Thirteen: Three Little Birdies

Hey all. Thank you so much for leaving me lovely reviews to read. I get so excited to see what you all have to say. I find fascinating to see what you all think about how the writing is coming along. 2,174 more words


The Process of Ongoing Design

It seems like, and I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing, design is never complete. Yes, designing always comes to an end at some point; sometimes due to a deadline, or perhaps simply settling on what is good, not perfect, but certainly acceptable. 312 more words


Update! Love Is All- Love You Tall

TB/S3E12/ Evil Is Going On/Eric & Sookie/NC-17- Sookie drags Eric in from the sun only to have Bill try and kill him before he has recovered.  45 more words

Story Updates

Finding their voice

I’m unable to explain how fast things change with babies. If you’ve had a baby then you know.

You blink and they’re doing something different, something more advanced than anything they’ve done before. 54 more words


Eric's been with us ONE YEAR!

Can you believe Eric has been with us for ONE YEAR (on April 9th)??!!! I wanted to process and post while I’m waiting in an airport because my next 2 weeks are going to be non-stop! 1,559 more words