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Book Review - Surviving the Dead: Fire in Winter.

Here we are at book 4 of James N. Cook’s Surviving the Dead Series, Fire in Winter. With an epic battle in book 3, how does book 4 possibly follow that? 188 more words


Book Review - The Warrior Within: Surviving The Dead.

The third installment in author James N. Cook’s Surviving the Dead series, The Warrior Within, brings us a set of very large dramatic scenes. With a community to call home, Eric and Gabe find themselves helping their new fellow citizens using the skills they ply best. 315 more words


Chapter 28: "Dorm Room Confessions"

Eric POV

I glanced over at Tris again. She’s been quiet for the entire car ride back to school. When we were driving down she was playing with the radio, finding stations she liked, or singing horribly to songs. 1,364 more words

Rule Of Three

Chapter 27: "Thanksgiving Part II"

Four POV

I stand outside the Prior’s house with my father. “Remember not to make a fool of me Tobias. I don’t want you to embarrass me tonight.” He says in a stern voice. 1,800 more words

Rule Of Three