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Olá gente tudo bem ? Então… Agr vou começar esse meu novo blog espero que gostem

Publicado do WordPress para Android


Trick or Treat? Do we have a treat for you!

What?! It’s October!

Did you know that there are only 11 days until the deadline for stories?! The deadline for the Day of the Dead… 155 more words

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Area 5 Bloody Pen contest - entries due in 11 days!!! i am an admin for this group and the theme inspired me. What was the Viking doing before his fairy was born?   It's a old fashioned spook story for the season. My thanks to Sephrenia for her bold image that sets the stage so well!!  Enjoy!

Meet Your Maker August - September 2015: Recently Completed Stories

Let’s welcome some fresh blood!


We’re excited to be welcoming some new writers to the Directory. MissAliceUnsub is well on her way with her first story and EternallyEC is only just starting out. 404 more words

Eric Northman

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Looking for some completed reads? Realized your story alerts dropped off? Looking for a new author? Check out what's going on at the Directory! (Of course, I might have two mentions... ;-))

Compassionate Eating Challenge - 7 Days (9/21 - 9/27)

Hey Superstars! 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Compassionate Eating Challenge, aka challenging yourselves to being vegetarian for a week! As you may all know, the purpose of this challenge was to see how much carbon dioxide we could reduce by eating meatless meals for 7 days. 2,065 more words


Start Your Engines!!!

The engine gets started this week over at Duraburb, Inc!! Say some prayers all goes well, I have a week long RV trip planned very soon and I need a tow vehicle! 8 more words

Duraburb: Meet the new kid!!

The first step of any Duraburb conversion is introducing the new kid, of course! Here we go!!!!

Duraburb Drop Off!!

Passing off the keys to Eric over at Duraburb!! And so…the conversion begins!!

We’ll post more updated photos along the way, as well as updating the Duraburb page over at the “Man’s Cave” soon!