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Sweaty Sub

Eric and I first met at an English Teacher Temp company that has since died an honourable death. Its¬†bankruptcy was slow and inevitable, as is the case with most companies in the… 698 more words


Hometown Happenings

Hi there. I’m Ted. I’m Amelia’s boyfriend. I’m going to write this blog this week. I’ve never really seen The Bachelorette. Buckle up.

It’s hometown date week! 1,107 more words

Chris Harrison

Best Apologetic

The best and most effective apologetic I have ever seen both in scripture and in real life is a life truly living out the faith. I would estimate that genuine faith lived out has brought more people to Christ than all the arguments, theology, creeds, and tracts put together.


On the origins of sin and blessing

It is paradoxical that in the fallen world we live in we tend to look inwardly when blessings come and we look outwardly to others when sin comes. 14 more words


three meals a day season 4 is back with heart

Awwwwwww. Lee Seo Jin is his usual gruff self in the first teaser for Three Meals A Day Season 4 where he reunites with Eric and Yoon Kyun Sang. 135 more words


Donald Trump Disowns His Own

“Too Sick to Lead” was the headline that screamed across the internet the beginning of June of 2017. ¬†That was only a couple of weeks after the… 623 more words