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Z57 & no complaints: Z57 presents Garden's Edge

Z57 is closely inspecting the edge of this garden. Eric Litvin is following behind taking notes – he can’t decide what type of border he wants in his own garden: stone, wood, plastic. 45 more words


Z57 & no complaints: Z57 presents Ants!

What better way to start the workweek than to battle it out with ants! These pests are everywhere! Z57 and Eric Litvin have bug spray in hand and are hoping not to get bit! 36 more words


My Review of Eric Worre - Author of Go Pro - MLM | Network Marketing Works

Eric Worre – Many people have written about his book “Go Pro”, but not many people have ever done a review of Eric Worre himself – the man behind the book. 8 more words

Z57 & no complaints: Z57 presents Clouds 2

Z57 likes to have a relaxing Sunday – and what better way then to get lost in the clouds! No complaints, as it is less stressful than most things they could be thinking about. 35 more words


Z57 & no complaints: Z57 presents Across the Road

Some people have pretty scenery across the road from their residence – and on most day Z57 does – though not today! Eric Litvin is ready to get the chainsaw and clean up those leaning trees! 43 more words


Z57 & no complaints: Z57 presents Ladybug

Oh no – Z57 is worried that there will be an infestation of ladybugs in the office soon as they keep spotting them. And Eric Litvin knows that they can get in every nook and cranny in the building! 46 more words