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Erice 28/01 -29/01/2016

One of the few chores I have to do in life is to empty the toilet cassette. This is a chore I relish and carry it out without complaint and comment, in fact I take pride in making sure it is sparkling after disposal. 722 more words


Erice (really) in the clouds

When the clouds roll in/over/through Erice it’s easy to feel as though you’ve been detached from terra firma.

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Erice, A peek through the stones

A shot (stolen from the shade) of a sun-soaked piazza statue (and the flourishing flora flanking.) #AccidentalAlliteration

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Erice low road, winding

More of the stomach-dropping view from the top of Erice, of the winding road below.

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Erice low road

A peek over the peak of Erice, to the low road below (and Trapani way, way down.)

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