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Whilst the world is on hold

For nearly a week now I’ve been off facebook to regain my focus. I felt my energy was scattered all over, and that I had neglected myself. 51 more words

Personal Blues

If you find yourself in a book...take it seriously.

Following on from my last post where I recommended that required reading for all but those satisfactorily numbed by existence was, Ernest Becker’s The Denial of Death, I have lingered, once again, on this electrifying feat of intelligence and what it means to me and the life I now lead as a solitary, avid reader and writer. 2,472 more words

Faith on Fridays—Faith and facts

Faith in Jesus makes up the Mechanics of Life.

Abraham went on hoping in faith, relying on the promise of God that he would become “the father of many nations.” With undaunted faith he looked at the facts: his own impotence and his Sarah’s barrenness. 413 more words

Jesus Christ

the ether's dare

Erich Fromm contrasts two essential ways of existence, “To have” and “To be”. To have is to possess, the state of the oppressor, perennially seeking excess of ownership, obliterating the past onward to an infinite present. 74 more words

On Writing

Writing is about learning to love, learning to live. Not a way to take you out of life, on the outskirts, writing only what you observe of life outside you. 1,357 more words

Creative Nonfiction

What's That Smell?

Sometimes, what gets me curious about a book is not the content of its ideas, but the characteristics taken on by a previous owner. Yesterday, I received a much-anticipated copy of Erich Fromm’s… 466 more words


From his book The Art of Loving, Fromm shares about resisting the subtle pull to control those we love. What beauty do we behold when we respect another, celebrating their unique unfolding?

~ Lydia

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