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Academia to Indoctridemia

“The 12th Century marks the period when the institutions that replaced the European academic institutions — the episcopal schools attached to the cathedrals and the monastic schools that had survived the Dark Ages, after barbarians had savaged the Greco-Roman world attained their highest degree of influence and reputation . 4,461 more words

A Healthy Fear

I love the sea
yet do not venture`
out on it but in a boat
Something is dangerous
there about its depths
and I was not born… 89 more words


Riding Metro North. With William Edward Hickson.

6:16 am to Grand Central.

Train car is packed but Silent.

I’m riding backward, feeling lighter, refreshed, alive. Looking East, now in Daylight Savings Time, it’s a ride in morning… 801 more words


Umeće življenja

Onaj ko je orijentisan prema imanju uvek se radije oslanja na štake nego na sopstvene noge. 163 more words



So, I am going to go off on a bit of a rant here that I had to stop reading my textbook to go on. Starting now: 499 more words


Quote of the Day, by Erich Fromm

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The highly narcissistic group is eager to have a leader with whom it can identify itself. The leader is then admired by the group which projects its narcissism onto him.

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Social Pathology

“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.”
Erich Fromm.

Unfortunately, a lot of people cling to a life of certainties where creativity is non-existent and progress is absent.

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