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Periods of Renaissance

In “The Heart of Man”, Erich Fromm relates social narcissism to the Roman Catholic Church and to the Renaissance, in an illuminating discussion on the nature of periods of Renaissance which might give us clues to the nature of a New Renaissance. 462 more words


Fromm on social narcissism

Following up my earlier post Fromm on Narcissism, I move on to Erich Fromm’s thoughts on social or group narcissism and the role it plays as a source of violence and war. 485 more words


Fromm on Narcissism

In The Heart of Man, first published in 1964, Erich Fromm examines “the role of narcissim for the understanding of nationalism… and the psychological motivations for destructiveness and war”. 361 more words


Freedom is just a click away

What is the thing we want most? Freedom. What is the thing we fear most? Freedom. How can those two answers be the same? If you ask an existentialist, they might say it is because freedom is part of our human condition, but freedom is not a thing you can “have,” “own,” or purchase as an app. 1,320 more words


Biophilia and Necrophilia

In The Heart of Man, first published in 1964, Erich Fromm looks at the problem of good and evil from several interesting perspectives. One is that of the ‘love of life’ versus the ‘love of death’, or biophilia versus necrophilia. 371 more words


We Are Here

As a lowkey pretentious person, one of my favorite ways of starting an entirely new day is by perusing through Maria Popova’s Brainpickings which, if you don’t know by now, is a website that features curated pieces of striking literary anecdotes and snippets of philosophical impressions left by writers, teachers, and just overall very remarkable people with thoughts worth sharing. 482 more words