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Filosofía y biofilia

Veintiocho siglos de filosofía explicados cada curso a tantos alumnos ya…

Por contraste, todo esto me hace pensar en los fanáticos que se dedican a decapitar prisioneros, usar a niños como kamikazes y destrozar el patrimonio cultural de la humanidad. 81 more words


Tetek Bengek Cinta

The Art of Loving, membaca judul buku ini membuat saya berimajinasi tentang kiat-kiat mencintai dengan benar. Tapi setelah habis membacanya, premis saya salah besar. Saya dibawa ke dunia yang berbeda oleh penulisnya, Erich Fromm. 857 more words

The lust for power is not rooted in strength but weakness.

– Erich Fromm


My Life-long Obsession with the Ideas of Erich Fromm

One boiling summer day I went into a grocery store on a desperate quest for ice cream. The ravaged freezer shelves were almost empty, except for a few unappetizing rejects. 1,309 more words

Should We Tell The Truth?

I got into show business because I hate the honest, ugly, savage, truth of waking up human, knowing that one day that I won’t wake up and those days or moments before that last sentient moment will probably be quite tricky. 182 more words

Quando l'individuo sente, la comunità vacilla

 «Quando l’individuo sente, la comunità vacilla»

«Tutti sono felici, al giorno d’oggi »

    Aldous Huxley – Il mondo nuovo, 1932

La felicità odierna consiste nel ”divertirsi”. 84 more words

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