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10 Minutes Could Get You 10 Job Offers! Really?...

Hey friends,

Well, I was minding my own business, working, and I happened on a link to this Job Recruiting website called “HIRED.com” and I saw their tagline: 59 more words

Eric's 2-Cents

You will spend more on 2014 Taxes than on your Food, Clothing and Housing - COMBINED!

Info Courtesy of the Deductr Newsletter (LINK)

Ever heard of Tax Freedom Day?

It’s the day of the year when the nation as a whole has earned enough money to pay its total annual tax bill. 130 more words

Eric's 2-Cents

ASKERIC.com is now sharing with ERIC.fm

Hello Friends,

I’m getting tired of writing 2 separate blogs for the same person… “me” Eric Brown!!!

I’ve owned the domain ASKERIC.com since the early 1990s – yes, that was back when only 1 registrar sold them, and they cost $90/year to keep it registered!!!   101 more words

Eric's 2-Cents

I'M SHOCKED!!! Wal-Mart bans man for life for matching ads!!!

Eric’s 2-Cents:  Well, it really seems obvious…… What? Wait! Are you kiddin’ me???  Hey Joe, maybe you can try doing your price-matching with other stores if your money aint good enough for Walmart…. 280 more words

Eric's 2-Cents

I think Spike TV overreacted... Over Pit and Barrel murder!

Is this just another Publicity Stunt?

What if the “Pit and Barrel” Bar Rescue Episode had aired just 24 hours earlier, before the unfortunate murder? 326 more words

Eric's 2-Cents

Let's Talk About my new site: MobileHandDevices.com

For my friends who have enjoyed reading, and decided to follow, my technological posts on ERIC.fm I have created a new website, and I call it: … 332 more words

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LQMT - Today I took my cost + profit, and have 1000 left over for a pure profit play!

Monday, August 5th I took my original cost, plus a nice little profit and I’m holding 1,000 shares of LQMT

Okay, the Earnings for LQMT comes out Tuesday August 6th, and my earnings so far have been really nice, so I decided to “hedge” myself by selling 6,100 shares of LQMT, leaving me with just 1,000 shares, which I intend to sell after the earning announcement call. 515 more words

Eric's 2-Cents