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Oxygen Permeability of Silicon Hydrogel Contact Lenses

The cornea is the transparent part of the eye that covers the pupil and the iris.  It is a unique part of the human body in that it does not receive its supply of life-giving oxygen from arteries carrying oxygen-enriched blood. 397 more words

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Eye Color

Songs are written about it:

“Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue”

“Brown-Eyed Girl”

“Behind These Hazel Eyes”

It is used to describe people:

“A pretty girl with blonde hair and blue eyes” 385 more words

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Pink Eye vs. Red Eye

Pink eye is the common name for an eye condition called conjunctivitis. Pink eye is inflammation and irritation of the conjunctiva part of the eye. 461 more words

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Some Facts About Cataracts

A person’s age plays a big role in the risk of a cataract. By the age of 80, more than 50% of Americans have developed some degree of a cataract in one or both eyes.   554 more words

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A Time for Evaluating Vision and Eye Care

The start of each New Year brings a time for evaluation and change.  Assessing vision and eye care are important steps in maximizing and maintaining eye health for you and your entire family. 452 more words

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Dry Eye Want to Make You Cry? Learn Why

Dry Eye Syndrome or Dry Eye is a catch-all term used to describe an abnormality with the tears of the eyes. Dry eye doesn’t necessarily mean your eyes are arid.   588 more words

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Turkey Vision and Other Quick Gobbler Facts

Today is Thanksgiving and it’s appropriate to share a few brief facts about turkeys. After all, they are the centerpiece of so many American dinner tables today. 480 more words

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