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Continuum Season 4 "The Desperate Hours" Recap

It is the penultimate episode of Continuum’s final season and a lot went down tonight that will lead to the series finale.

We start the episode with Carlos questioning Travis. 1,274 more words

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Continuum Season 4 "Zero Hour" Recap

We are nearing the end of Continuum and the penultimate penultimate episode has Alec all alone in his house remembering the last time he was happy, which was the dinner party that had him, Kiera, Lucas, Julian, Garza and Emily drinking and laughing. 1,630 more words

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johnlink ranks SAW II (2005)

So what better way to follow up SAW than with SAW II. That’s logical, right? For the record, these are the only two SAW movies I’ve seen all the way through. 501 more words

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Continuum Spoilers: Images and Description for "Zero Hour"

After this week’s episode of Continnum airs, there will be only two episodes left! Knowing that, the show is kicking the action and drama into high gear. 99 more words

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Continuum Season 4 "Power Hour" Recap

We are at the half way point of season 4 and we open with Carlos questioning Travis. Carlos says that Liber8 has failed but Travis disagrees and states that he will be getting out soon. 1,613 more words

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Continuum Season 4 "Rush Hour" Recap

The following recap is for season 4 Continuum which airs one week on Showcase before it airs on SyFy. If you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now. 1,854 more words


Continuum - 4.02 - RUSH HOUR - Promotional Photos & Synopsis

4.02 “Rush Hour”

Kellog uses Alec’s weakness against him; Kiera tries to negotiate; Alec sets out on his own to try to save Emily.