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Erin Andrews to miss next two episodes of 'Dancing with the Stars'

http://www.biphoo.com/bipnews/celebrities/erin-andrews-to-miss-next-two-episodes-of-dancing-with-the-stars.html Erin Andrews to miss next two episodes of ‘Dancing with the Stars’
Erin Andrews to miss next two episodes of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ : LOS ANGELES, Sept. 26 more words

Erin Andrews won't be hosting 'Dancing With The Stars' this week

Erin Andrews won’t be on Dancing With the Stars this week due to a death in her boyfriend Jarret Stoll’s family, according to her DWTS… 200 more words


Erin Andrews Missing This Week's 'DWTS' To Support BF After Family Tragedy

Tom Bergeron will be hosting the Sept. 26 and Sept. 27 episodes of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ solo. Erin Andrews is stepping away from her co-hosting duties to support her boyfriend, hockey player Jarret Stoll, after he suffered a death in the family. 273 more words


Pageviews Engages With Her ‘DWTS’ Trolls

Will Erin Andrews ever stop scrolling through her Twitter notifications? Perhaps it’ll happen one day, and this Twitter Wars bit will be put to rest forever — but that’s not happening today. 127 more words

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Rams Fan Wants Pageviews to Say Hi to People

Erin Andrews was busy patrolling the sidelines and doing her job at The Coliseum on Sunday, but one Rams fan apparently expected more from the busy TV personality. 125 more words

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Pageviews Claps Back At Twitter Troll After Ryan Lochte Scare

Season 23 (!) of “Dancing With the Stars” kicked off with major drama after protesters stormed the stage following Olympian Ryan Lochte’s performance.

As you can see in the GIF below, one anti-Lochte protester was absolutely rocked in what was probably “DWTS’” most interesting moment ever: 169 more words

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