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Troll Spends Thanksgiving Wondering: “Why Can’t We Get Rid of Erin Andrews?”

Most of us spent Thanksgiving stuffing our faces and drinking heavily to drown out political talk. But it looks like there was one demo that went about business as usual — Erin Andrews haters! 84 more words

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Troll Badgers Pageviews About “Reporting” on Her Wardrobe

Most of Southern California missed out on Cardinals-Vikings (GOFF!), but thanks to Erin Andrews we know two things for sure: Xavier Rhodes took advantage of washed up Carson Palmer, and there was an “amazing jacket situation” going on: 159 more words

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Pageviews Fires Back at Dress Haters

It always makes me laugh when I see people on Twitter complaining about the lack of clothing on “Dancing With the Stars.” This show has been going on for like 30 seasons now — more skin from both contestants and professionals is part of their key to dominating ratings. 127 more words

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Pageviews Feels Bad for Troll’s “Sad Life”

As per usual on Monday nights, the keyboard warriors were out to unload on Erin Andrews during “Dancing With the Stars.” After like two years on this beat, I’m still unsure what the point of directly mentioning EA is (anyone with a pulse knows she’s aware), but hey, they open themselves up to direct burns so that’s cool for me. 98 more words

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Fox Coverage Was Unbearable

Thankfully it is over but Fox and Joe Buck have already started their Super Bowl hype.

Buck need not correct the mistakes he makes, as his position is secure and as much as I do not like him, they would only get someone worse to replace him. 62 more words

Pageviews Tells Troll to Get a Mouthguard

Unfortunately for readers who enjoy Erin Andrews lowering the boom on miserable Twitter trolls, it’s been pretty quiet on that front for a while. Yep, it finally looks like EA has stopped taking all the bait littered in her notifications — that’s some real growth on her part. 99 more words

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