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Erin Andrews Publicly Begging For An Engagement Ring - Again

Food and Wine magazine is out with a quick Q&A with Erin Andrews and she’s once again begging the Coke Mule for an engagement ring. Possibly for Valentine’s Day? 210 more words


Pageviews Defeats Troll With Kindness

Over the past month, you guys have become accustomed to Pageviews roasting the Twitter avatars of keyboard warriors who dared to come at her. But with the Fox NFL crew officially done for the year, we’ve officially reached the end of the line on Twitter Wars until “Dancing With the Stars” returns. 121 more words

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Who Is Erin Andrews' Boyfriend?

Erin Andrews’ boyfriend, Jarret Stoll, is having a rough year.

In April 2015, the 33-year-old NHL center was arrested on possession of cocaine and MDMA while in Las Vegas, … 249 more words


‘Jeopardy’ Contestant Nails Pageviews Clue

If you guys were hoping for a Conference Championship Week edition of “Twitter Wars,” it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Erin Andrews is 100 percent focused on Sunday’s Cardinals-Panthers game, so there’s no time to respond to keyboard warrior scumbags. 87 more words

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Pageviews Burns Old Man Obsessed With Groupon

It’s always a good time when Pageviews does some digging to craft her excellent Twitter burns on unsuspecting trolls. Don’t get us wrong, calling out someone’s profile picture will never get old, but making it a little personal takes things next level. 123 more words

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Pageviews Buries Jarret Stoll ‘Coke Troll’s’ Avatar

Watching the Cincinnati Bengals meltdown Saturday night was a classic playoff moment we’ll never forget. Some people loved the hard-nose play, while some were left shaking the heads at the needless brutality that ruined my boss’ hopes of a postseason win — Erin Andrews was in the latter camp: 140 more words

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Pageviews Goes After Troll’s Dog Avatar

It looks like putting a cap on Twitter Wars wasn’t a New Year’s Resolution for Erin Andrews, and we’re not mad at that at all. Keyboard warriors need to be put in their place and EA is definitely one of the leaders in that front. 174 more words

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