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CNN anchors tear into Ted Cruz's team over campaign's lies about CNN

CNN and its anchors are done with the smears that Ted Cruz’s campaign has put out, insinuating that Ben Carson is dropping out of the 2016 presidential race. 360 more words


No Post Today And It Is Not Open To Debate

This being Friday and all—and the weekend being upon us—WordPress would probably like nothing better than for me to do a post. Someone in Timbuktu once said, “WordPress always benefits whenever ‘The Attic’ goes to post. 587 more words

Eric Trump: Interview- CNN- Erin Burnett- Sarah Palin ENDORSEMENT- 1/19/2016

Eric Trump: Interview- CNN- Erin Burnett-
Sarah Palin ENDORSEMENT- 1/19/2016


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Zucker takes Erin Burnett's studio to throw a party

CNN president Jeff Zucker took Erin Burnett’s studio over for the thirtieth anniversary reunion committee of his Harvard class, NY Daily News reports.

Not surprisingly, that ruffled some feathers, seeing Burnett being moved from her primetime studio to a smaller studio, just so the boss could throw a party. 104 more words


"Glad You Finally Noticed": Latinos Are The One Group That Was Onto Donald Trump From The Start

A few weeks ago, during an appearance on CNN, a journalist who works for a conservative website said what many other political observers have been thinking: “Donald Trump is just not funny anymore.” 1,206 more words

Donald Trump

What Is an Ethical Profit Margin for a Translation Agency?

A few years ago I saw Erin Burnett interviewing a young man on CNN. It looked like he was sitting on a bench in a park. 1,966 more words

The Translation Business

Bill Clinton Defends His Wife Hillary

Appearing on Erin Burnett’s “Out Front” on CNN former president Bill Clinton did a good job of defending his wife Hillary on her performance as Secretary of State. 244 more words