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CNN Is A Factory Of Hackery: The 'Reams Of Evidence' Edition

Having been caught asserting intellectual honesty on CNN’s airwaves, correspondent Elise Labott sought to make up for the transgression by defending her intellectually dishonest peers. 1,752 more words

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Same dress, same day, two different anchors

On the same day, both Erin Burnett and Erica Hill, of CNN and HLN, respectively, wore the same yellow dress.

The OutFront and On the Story anchors are both based out of the network’s New York bureau. 28 more words


Awaiting Trump Rally (CNN Erin Burnett Outfront)

Date: 2017.03.15

Show: CNN Erin Burnett Outfront

Network: CNN

While waiting for the Trump rally to begin, Erin Burnett talks about the new travel ban being blocked, the Trump rallies, and more.


Michael Mukasey Embarrasses Erin Burnett "Where Is The Crime?!"

Michael Mulasey, the former Attorney General for George W Bush appeared on CNN’s “Out Front” with Erin Burnett and defended President Trump forcefully against claims of treason. 91 more words


CNN: More Views Than News

I’m pretty much done with CNN. If you’ve been watching, my reason isn’t much of a revelation. CNN has become the low-rent clone of… 624 more words

Morning News Expert

Bernie Sanders Calls CNN "Fake News," Gets Cut Off, But the Tape Keeps Rolling. (Video)

Citibank shill Erin Burnett interviews Bernie about Trump’s alleged connections to Russia.  As soon as Bernie quips of CNN being fake, the studio controllers cut his audio.