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Burnett's Korea ratings success

Analyzing the ratings for Erin Burnett OutFront for the past six Fridays, Burnett’s show last Friday (April 10), live from South Korea, where she interviewed Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, was her second-highest rated show over the examined time period. 76 more words


Erin Burnett to interview Ash Carter

Friday’s Erin Burnett OutFront will be a special edition, because the CNN anchor (who is pregnant and expecting her second child) will be traveling to South Korea to interview Defense Secretary Ashton Carter. 27 more words


An Israeli Arab Tells Netanyahu Haters: “Screw You. I Love Netanyahu And Vote For Him”

by Walid Shoebat
March 17, 2015

Netanyahu said today that the right-wing was in danger because the leftists in Israel were bussing in Arab voters in droves. 116 more words

Israel & Middle East

Netanyahu Wins And Immediately The Obama Praetorian Media Declares It…. You Guessed It…RACIST.

Obama’s shock troops sent into Israel to unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fails miserably.  Obama media in this country declares Bibi Racist.

Nevermind that the Arabs lob rockets into cafes and strap bombs on their children to kill Israelis and vow to wipe the state of Israel off the map, the American media with absolutely NO understanding of how Israeli parliamentary politics works, are going berserk over the upset win of Bibi Netanyahu over Obama’s dog-in-the-race-radical Leftist Isaac Herzog. 777 more words

Obama Marxist Tyranny

When Burnett breaks, so does her CNNI show

For all of last week, DC-based political correspondent Brianna Keilar was filling in for ratings queen Erin Burnett.

The OutFront anchor added on a CNN International show… 155 more words


Miles O'Brien CNN Special

Former CNN anchor and correspondent (and now aviation analyst) Miles O’Brien will be featured in a CNN Special Report, tentatively scheduled to air next Tuesday at 9pm. 35 more words


Erin, Please Help

The Americans are not getting the message. The ISIS rebels are murderers, trying to tear the world apart, as jihadists to fulfill Mohammed’s call to fight infidels. 284 more words