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1980s Crushes

For February 2017 the 80s League have put together blogs and podcasts on the subject of 80s Crushes. I’ve never been a “crush” kind of guy but have included a selection of ladies that I look back on fondly for various reasons. 442 more words

Pop Culture

Erin Gray

Erin Gray (born 1950): model-turned-actress.


Perry Mason: The Case of the Avenging Ace (1988, Christian I. Nyby II)

Perry Mason: The Case of the Avenging Ace is a domino effect of lame. Lee David Zlotoff’s script is really bad, but director Nyby is also really bad, and then some of the performances are really bad. 549 more words


DAILY QUOTE 11.10.16

“The hardest thing about exercise is to start doing it. Once you are doing exercise regularly, the hardest thing is to stop it.”

– Erin Gray


Starlog Archives: Buck Rogers

For readers of a certain age, this article from the Starlog archives is likely to be a heck of a nostalgia trip.  In October and November of 1996, the sci-fi magazine ran a two-part retrospective about the TV show  113 more words

Starlog Archives

Random Musings: A review of Star Trek Continues’ “Embracing the Winds.”

Fifty years ago today, Star Trek debuted on NBC. While it was revolutionary at the time for being the first serious (rather than kid-vid) American science fiction television series with continuing characters, no one could have imagined it’d become a pop culture phenomenon that’d spawn several additional TV and movie series; a plethora of books, games, puzzles, models, blueprints and toys and high-quality fan-made original productions. 1,329 more words

Rites of Puberty via the 70s!

Growing up in the later seventies was an odd thing.  Every decade has its rights of passage; that movement from one phase of your life to another.   388 more words