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Random Musings: A review of Star Trek Continues’ “Embracing the Winds.”

Fifty years ago today, Star Trek debuted on NBC. While it was revolutionary at the time for being the first serious (rather than kid-vid) American science fiction television series with continuing characters, no one could have imagined it’d become a pop culture phenomenon that’d spawn several additional TV and movie series; a plethora of books, games, puzzles, models, blueprints and toys and high-quality fan-made original productions. 1,329 more words

Rites of Puberty via the 70s!

Growing up in the later seventies was an odd thing.  Every decade has its rights of passage; that movement from one phase of your life to another.   388 more words

Softball: Scoreboard for Thursday, May 12

As I made my way up the walkway near Nyack’s brand new (and absolutely gorgeous) softball field, I came up to the Tappan Zee dugout. The gist of it is that the Dutchies knew who I was, they were more than aware that I had picked them to lose (after beating Nyack just two days prior), and they had every intention of making me eat my words. 904 more words


Creative Minds Trump Data

Number of clicks. Number of comments. Number of shares on social media. Number of seconds (hopefully minutes) spent on the article. It’s all being tracked. 483 more words

Buzzfeed Advertising Ethics Come Into Question

Cat videos. Quizzes. Dating advice. The listicles go on.

But, several BuzzFeed posts have been suspiciously removed — the likely culprit, pressure from its advertising partners. 546 more words

Softball: Scoreboard for Thursday, Apr. 21

The good news is that I managed to get a new phone and get to Westlake in time for the game. The bad news is that it wiped out pretty much all of my contacts since 2015 and completely erased all calendar events (i.e. 732 more words


Convert to Converting ... Recorded Interviews to Transcribed Notes

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Journalism today is all about getting the news out faster than the competitors.  Fast, accurate and updated is what gets the first and most viewers. 644 more words

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