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Into the Wild (Warrior Cats) by Erin Hunter

This is the first book to the Warrior Cats series, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. It’s about a bunch of wild cats living in the forest that live in packs called Clans, and the battles, and the cats growing up and becoming warriors. 170 more words

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Warriors: My full Review (Including Into the Wild)

Review by: 3344marigold

Hello reader! I am going to try to review ALL of the Warriors series, so please be patient as I go through each one. 829 more words


Warrior Cats

I just love the second set in the Warrior Cat series, THE NEW PROPHECY (six books). It’s all about coming together across boundaries, a message that we desperately need to hear and act on in these divisive times. 461 more words


Dense Circle (Warriors Cats fanfic)

       Goldenpaw kept low the ground, careful to keep her tail still and above the leaves. The trees cast shadows across the undergrowth and in the distance, the horizon was beginning to turn… 679 more words


Coal Field (Warriors Cats fanfic)

(I forgot to use the word pursue. Nevermind, I just did.)

Blazepaw let Icedawn take the lead as the two cats padded quietly through the dark pine forest. 548 more words


Blast Fly (Warriors Cats fanfic)

“It’s only temporary.”

Blazepaw glanced at the white she-cat sitting next to him and flicked his tail warily. In the clearing, the cats of ShadowClan were beginning to slip out of their dens, stretching in the morning sunlight. 373 more words


Flowers in the Snow!!

Hey Lovelies!!
New Episode of our Sims 3 Warrior Cats Challenge!

Sims 3: Warrior Cats Legacy Challenge| Ep. 19| Flowers in the Snow
Commission by: Aulrenarts-www.aulrenarts.deviantart.com… 97 more words