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Sims 3 Warrior Cats Library

So I’ve been working on the Warrior cats library and it’s taking me longer then I expected. Hopefully, it’ll be finished soon. :) thanks for being patient guys.


Warriors - Bluestar's Prophecy

I have recently finished rereading one of my favorite of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter.

Bluestar is one of my favorite characters in the series. 342 more words


SkyClan's Destiny by Erin Hunter

Title: Warriors: SkyClan’s Destiny
Erin Hunter
Genre: Middle grade fantasy
How I got the book: I bought it

Summary (from Goodreads):

The return of a long lost Clan .

356 more words

My Favourite Childhood Books

I loved books when I was younger and I have been reminiscing recently about all the amazing stories I read at this time. I thought I’d share some of the books I read when I was a child which sparked my obsession with turning pages now. 533 more words


A reading writer

For someone who identifies as an aspiring author, I’ve read an alarmingly small number of books for the past couple of years, if not longer. 843 more words

Sign of the Moon

Sign of the Moon (Warriors: Omen of the Stars book 4)

Erin Hunter

3 out of 5

I liked this book kind of , but the problem is this kind of a repeat of another book in the series were the cats ( not all of them) go to the mountain and fix the problem. 92 more words

Summer Reading Book Reviews

Night Whispers

Night Whispers (Warriors: Omen of the Stars book 3)

Erin Hunter

3 out of 5

I kind of liked this book but, the problem with this book is that some of the characters in the book were acting pretty stupid, it was kind of hard to read the book without cringing at some of the characters who were being stubborn, stupid, and somewhat harsh. 117 more words

Summer Reading Book Reviews