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Revenge of the quiz.

Yes, that ‘q’ is meant to be capitalised. we’ve been through this, I can’t capitalise my q’s and w’s because my keyboard is a piece of crap and I have made the wonderful decision to put off replacing it in place of buying myself more clothes and books. 965 more words

Bookshelf Thursday

This week’s cubby features some of my favorite mystery/thriller novels!

Sophie Hannah – The Cradle in the Grave, The Dead Lie Down, The Wrong Mother, The Truth Teller’s Lie. 411 more words

weekend warrior (part one)

It’s currently the 28th of June, so I am cutting it mighty fine, to only be up to the 15th. Oh boy. It’s going to take a mammoth effort from me over the next three days. 455 more words

Part Two (Feat. Better Formatting).

Let’s continue down this road of pretending to get to know me by asking mundane, irrelevant questions about my life, shall we?

  1. Whats irritating you right now?
  2. 664 more words

100 (50) Achievements (Skills) I Am Proud Of

This isn’t even going to make it to like, 13. I can almost promise you that much. Let’s get ready to be completely disappointed with me. 729 more words


In an effort to help my readers know me better, I’m going to be doing additional quizzes this month to pass the days faster without my having to employ any particular talent that I may or may not actually have when it comes to writing. 1,188 more words


I am writing this from the future again. Yeah, shut up. I’m terrible at these things. Whatever. Today is the 22nd of June and it’s almost the end of the month and I’ve barely written past the first week. 684 more words