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The Dance of Cooking Together

Think of the event of cooking. You are standing at the sink, washing the lettuce, while your partner reaches into the refrigerator to get the cucumbers, reaching back at the same time to turn off the stove.

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Food Writing

Polaroid Excavations: the Opening of Weather Patterns: The Smell of Red

By Angeli Sion

Weather Patterns: The Smell of Red, a sensorial and collaborative ecological installation, surfaced to air the proposition of artists Erin Manning and Nathaniel Stern, co-produced with Marcelino Barsi, to heighten an exchange of the senses in a body that barely registers the arrival of intersensoriality. 309 more words


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Always more than one: individuation’s dance
Erin Manning

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In Always More Than One, the philosopher, visual artist, and dancer Erin Manning explores the concept of the “more than human” in the context of movement, perception, and experience. 225 more words

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Relationscapes: movement, art, philosophy
Erin Manning

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With Relationscapes, Erin Manning offers a new philosophy of movement challenging the idea that movement is simple displacement in space, knowable only in terms of the actual. 252 more words

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"To touch in the between of words"

Fiery, Luminous, Scary – Erin Manning

The above is a snapshot from a participatory art project entitled “Folds to Infinity” – you can further investigate… 212 more words


What A Body Can Do: Britney Comes Undone with "Work Bitch"

It’s a common cliche: the pop princess is a puppet being played by a team of much wiser men exploiting their pretty little investment. Britney Spears’ coiffured blonde hair, glistening milky white skin, and gravity-defying breasts seem to represent the antithesis of empowerment to millennial feminists.  1,001 more words