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New ERISA Rule Restores Important Rights to Insureds

For insureds, ERISA (which governs most employer-sponsored insurance) has a serious downside.  Insureds and plan participants who dispute the company’s denial of their claims for coverage or benefits must submit to ERISA’s administrative appeal process before they can file a lawsuit challenging the company’s decision.  475 more words

McKean Evans

What are Target Date Funds?

To tell you the truth, it’s probably more accurate to describe Target Date Funds (TDFs) as an investment strategy or schema than an asset or category of investment product. 593 more words

Can the ERISA Plan Deny Coverage Because you Made a Technical Mistake When Enrolling?

So you sign up for insurance through your employer.  The HR people say “yup, you’re signed up all right!”  You pay premiums for a few years.  387 more words

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New Department of Labor Disability Claim Procedure: A Trap for the Unwary

Daniel L. Morgan

On April 1, 2018, a new Department of Labor regulation that modifies the procedures ERISA-governed plans must use to evaluate disability claims took effect. 351 more words

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Death, Taxes, and DOL Audits Persist

Like death and taxes, benefit plan audits happen, and that remains the case at the Department of Labor despite shrinking personnel levels. Gathering information from department records under the Freedom of Information Act, … 258 more words

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Plain language: What's this ERISA thing and why should I care?

Most non-lawyers go through their lives never having heard of ERISA until one day they get a letter from their insurer saying their treatment isn’t covered or their claim is being denied and that they have a certain number of days to exercise their rights under ERISA.  995 more words

McKean Evans

Electronic Notice Distribution Requirements -- Challenging and in Need of Change

Employers and employees have embraced benefit portals to enroll in coverage and access benefit information. Despite the near ubiquity of electronic benefits media, rules that govern the electronic distribution of materials required to be disclosed by ERISA haven’t kept pace – having been written more than a decade ago. 889 more words