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My View: Let states find own health care answer

Despite the ACA’s success in providing more Oregonians with insurance coverage, Oregonians still delay or defer health care. Medical debt and bankruptcy continue to increase. Public health measures among private insurance patients remain poor. 30 more words

Portland Tribune

Assignment #2

500 words. Include one scholarly reference.

Federal and state taxes are not the only items withheld from your paycheck. There are other options such as benefits, the Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA), the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), and Social Security. 73 more words

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Federal Legislation Prevents Oregon from Solving its Healthcare Crisis 

The author contends that President Trump’s “States Rights super waiver” executive order will allow Oregon to set the example.

Oregon’s greatest obstacles to solving our healthcare crisis are neither special interests nor our President. 63 more words

Guest Opinion

Guest Post: Uber Retirement

Paul M. Secunda is Professor of Law and Director, Labor and Employment Law Program at Marquette Law School.

Although by no means a new question regarding retirement, the… 1,229 more words

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Department of Labor Rule Shakes Up Retirement Advice Industry

by Ralph Derbyshire & Jay Haines

Heads Up

The Department of Labor is amending a longstanding Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) regulation that defines fiduciary “investment advice.”  Barring postponement by the new administration, the new rule will generally become effective on April 10, 2017, and will dramatically affect financial advisors and other service providers who provide assistance to ERISA plan sponsors, plan participants, and IRA customers with their investment decisions. 1,057 more words


State Auto-IRA Programs: What Employers Need to Know

California and four other states (Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland and Oregon) have passed legislation requiring employers that do not sponsor employee retirement plans to automatically withhold funds from employees’ pay, and forward them to IRAs maintained under state-run investment programs. 820 more words

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