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Hold pls

On hold

The next step for our bank account is to place a hold on an account.

Using state functions, this is as simple as: 295 more words


Handle event function

The main difference between gen_statem and the older gen_fsm, is the addition of a new “handle event function” callback mode, with less restrictions on the state data type. 167 more words


Top Rankers - Research Engineers ( ML / AI) - Hard Problems

How we’ll help you grow:

You will solve hard problems in a variety of areas of computer science (from AI/ML to distributed systems to programming languages).The current team is led by graduates (and PhDs) from Harvard, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and the IITs. 191 more words


Golang - Tech Freedom - Ground Floor

If Golang/Erlang for you is not a mountain – we want you.

You will:

Join: Early stage , World Famous , US Product Startup – Very high impact and opportunities of growth. 85 more words


❤️ the State Machine

Having recently read a post about using state machines in JS, I decided to try implementing the same logic using the (relatively) new gen_statem. 354 more words


Erlang on the Raspberry Pi


Erlang is a rather interesting programming language with a number of rather unique properties. If you are used to procedural languages like C or its many variants, then Erlang will appear very different. 1,222 more words

Raspberry Pi