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Erlang Virtual Machine (BEAM)

Erlang VM is powerful machine and has proved it metal successfully for many decades.  As it was developed in Ericsson with the intent of solving the problems of the Telecom Industry and this domain has been the  major user of this Beast and rightly so, as it  has been designed to support massively scalable and concurrent applications. 407 more words


Why learn Elixir ?

Should I learn Elixir ? Why not!

Elixir, the buzz among the Functional Programming Languages ? Is it safe to bet on Elixir and it frameworks ? 648 more words


The Origin of Monkey’s Battle with Lord Erlang and its Ties to Han Dynasty Funerary Rites and Folklore

Did you know the battle between Monkey and Lord Erlang is tied to Han Dynasty funerary rights and folklore? Wu (1987) notes that, during the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 CE), the people of Sichuan often buried their dead in stone tombs decorated with brave heroes, such as archers and crossbowmen, and fierce animals, such as tigers and hounds. 795 more words

Sun Wukong

Why list and charlist are confusing in Elixir

This post talks about list and charlist in Elixir, and discusses one specific issue in Elixir.

Let’s look at the confusing thing in Elixir:

iex(2)> a = [7] 518 more words


A PoC of DoS attack in Elixir Actor Model

The naive way of using the Actor model in Elixir is using “receive” in a loop, which is then “spawn”d as a Erlang process. Unfortunately, a potential DoS attack could happen if the pattern matching is not coded carefully with security in mind. 295 more words


The Erlang Experiment: Part 1 - Dipping My Toe


Welcome to the chronicle of my journey into the mysterious world of the erlang  programming language. In this series l will be taking you along my journey of learning the erlang programming. 459 more words