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Contoh Soal Kegiatan PRODUCTION PLANNING PROCESSES pada Enterprise Resource Plann

Sebuah Perusahaan X, dalam sehari, mampu memproduksi sebanyak 333,3 peti mie. Data Penjualan pada bulan Januari sampai dengan Juni tahun ini berturut-turut adalah sebagai berikut : 279 more words

Enterprise Resource Management

words. f***ing words.


f***ing words.

meaningless adrift trapped inside far flung bottles hurled from tide to tide so why do i persist in this charade of soiled words this sham of ceaseless effluent flowing endlessly on and on and ever onwards in a torrent that would make kafka lodge a complaint sign (digitally) a petition make light of or generate hysteria while all the while the barrage of words persists thrives takes root in germinates deep within fungal rotten broken sad traumatised shackled minds a deluge of torn twisted lives contorted distortedly broken hung out to dry put out to pasture left out in the cold as the words spew forth empty hollowed out barely audible.


f***ing words.

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Consider how technology can advance your ERM program

Our firm, RGP (Resources Global Professionals), has been on the road presenting in cities around the country on the “Keys to Success in Enterprise Risk Management”. 483 more words


Enterprise Risk Management – a tool to recognize opportunities?

Working with risk management at early stages of new businesses creation, may not only help us identify and mitigate risks. Risk management may further sharpen business models, avoid dependencies and open up for new opportunities. 47 more words


Floral doodle

Quick floral doodle put in repeat.
For this I drew a range of quick floral doodles then edited them in photoshop to create a cute pattern. 10 more words


Database - Entity Relationship Diagrams .2

Two tables: Users and posts

Data regarding the user is entered into the users table once signing up. Data such as username, name, password and email is stored. 94 more words

Design For Digital Media Environments

All in all, together in order

Ah. Actually, I needed a well-ordered list of the subset of my posts re All Against All. Because searches don’t pony up the rightly ordered results, herewith for future reference: 19 more words

Innovation (technologicallly Driven)