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( save the yeti )


( save the yeti ) ( some 5-7-5 stuff )

goblins in coal sheds

toffee apple gusset squelch

protons & colons



from great urns


from great urns ( a smack my keats up versus the met office of a poem )

scattered from great urns above us

spattered bits in bursts of sputter

grey meets green & other colours

life & death are cousin-lovers

staggers here & taps on awning

chattered words & birds as warnings

cakes awake & serpents yawning

sprinkles on a half-baked morning

pattered earth & maybe riddles

jabbered codes of brainy fizzle

muffled drops & building trickles

listen to the summer drizzle



too hot for xylophones


too hot for xylophones ( eight lines of bellend )

oh trombones be 

thy skies above

as oboes - doze so

in yon fields

so it's too hot 

for xylophones

but not too hot

for glockenspiels



dearest jenny lind,


dearest jenny lind,  (  s o m e  b o l l o c k s  )

dearest jenny lind,

i'm in your fan-fanfanclub

though folk say you sang

like a nightingale but

i prefer them nightjars

barn owls & your fans

dearest jenny lind,

often things get sticky

all is saunad through

too hot then for abba

minecraft or ikea

then come wafts

 of you

( x )



stern gales in storm drains


stern gales in storm drains  (  a  ?  (  ?  )  )

there's stern gales in storm drains

& judges in wigs

there's branches called russell

so then

something twigs

fire engines when it rains

with shite siren song

cat burglars stuck up trees

so let's

wander on

- look, judas on burnt toast

he's winking - the scamp

plus bees in yon bonnet

as barns

start to dance

there's presence in present

& past in its tense

there's jigsaws & piss-takes


far too much sense



Exclusive Invention: PastErr (see your conversational filler records!)

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