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Escape Room Melbourne (ERM): Surveillance: Division 5 [Review]

Location: Escape Room Melbourne (ERM), Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Date completed: April 2016 (2 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 8.5; Difficulty: 7; Atmosphere: 885 more words


A Hong Kong For Europe: The Positive Case For Brexit

Britain’s future outside of the European Union (EU) could be bright and prosperous although you would not believe it from listening to the official Vote Leave campaign. 1,175 more words


EU History 68 - The aftermath of ERM - the end of Conservative economic competence

The UK’s economy thrived after Britain left the ERM, with unemployment and inflation falling, although economists are divided as to whether leaving the ERM was a cause or correlation of this improvement. 625 more words


EU History 67 - Black Wednesday, 1992 - the end of the ERM

Ultimately, Britain had to withdraw from the ERM. If it didn’t, the alternatives included continuing to beg the Germans to act against their national interests economically or having to raise interest rates itself during a recession. 1,246 more words


EU History 66 - The problems facing the UK from the minute it joined the ERM

From the moment the UK joined the ERM it faced two problems: German reunification was inflationary, requiring borrowing to fund it, raising interest rates that the UK had to follow in the midst of a recession. 699 more words


EU History 65 - How Margaret Thatcher came to be forced to enter the ERM

The ERM was an attempt to stabilise currency fluctuations between EU members, which would encourage trade. Margaret Thatcher was against it as it removed some economic sovereignty from her government. 1,143 more words


EU History 61 - ERM and the development of EU Monetary Union

The next step in European integration after the Single European Act was monetary union. The first step to that was the Exchange Rate mechanism, aimed at imposing monetary discipline on members in the run up to creating the Euro. 407 more words