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Do you know what pairs well with a glass of rosé on the porch on a warm summer evening? A good book. I haven’t just been drinking wine this summer, I have also read a lot of books. 966 more words

Beneath A Scarlet Sky

Sadness in 6 words

A whole genre dedicated to stories comprised of only 6 words…oh my! A story? How could emotion, fright, happiness, love, deceit, etc. be conveyed in six simple words. 866 more words

Charles Bukowski: The Mathematics of the Breath and the Way  

Interviewer: What do you hold responsible for your success?

Bukowski: A brutal childhood, alcohol, half a dozen rotten jobs, a dozen rotten women, plus an overpowering fear of everything, plus a strange arrival of luck and bravery in sub-zero situations. 1,491 more words

War Springs Eternal on Amazon

For those who would like to read a kindle version or paperback, both formats are now available on Amazon


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Short Stories

"The Sun Also Rises" & Lost Generations

Hemingway’s classic The Sun Also Rises shows us the timelessness of twenty-somethings drinking and partying while trying to figure their lives out

One of the most famous epigraphs in history comes before Ernest Hemingway’s 1926 debut novel  1,795 more words