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Every bit of knowledge we bring to our fingers is an exploration worth pursuing. The more knowledge we obtain, the more hesitation brought all the same. 203 more words


Cohen: The amazing grace of Barack Obama will be part of his legacy

WASHINGTON – It is not easy being Barack Obama these days. In the evening of his presidency, he was supposed to be planning his memoirs and handing power to Hillary Clinton, his legacy secure. 693 more words


Literary Wives! Day 1005: Mrs. Hemingway

Today is another review for the Literary Wives blogging club, in which we discuss the depiction of wives in modern fiction. If you have read the book, please participate by leaving comments on any of our blogs. 497 more words


Literary Wives: Mrs. Hemingway by Naomi Wood

Literary Wives is an on-line book group that examines the meaning and role of wife in different books. Every other month, we post and discuss a book with this question in mind: 1,355 more words

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Hot Reading, Hotter Writing


“Easy writing makes hard reading.”

— Ernest Hemingway
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embracing the obvious/PAPA

Here is a page of life-or-death obviousness. It is imperfect in that it is far from universal, but redemptive in that it sifts away much unimportance. 126 more words