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James Purdy’s “Cutting Edge” and Hemingway’s iceberg (tip 74)

D.D. Johnston discusses James Purdy’s short story “Cutting Edge” as an example of how a seemingly insignificant conflict can make for high drama when it stands for something bigger. 1,775 more words

D.D. Johnston

Epic Veteran Writer Battle: The Brackets

This is my Epic Veteran Writer Battle brackets with a short teaser.

Team USA[4]:

     1. Ernest Hemingway:  Served in the Italian military in the ambulance corps during WWI, so Ernie is sort of a veteran and the Italians were on the winning side, this time.   307 more words

Paris, but not Quite

It is difficult to resist the siren song of Paris when I am so close to its attractions. I find myself with a three hour layover between my arrival from Auxerre, and my departure for Germany. 653 more words


The Short-Story Cycle

The definition of the short-story cycle is something along the lines of “an interconnected collection of stories.” The definition is a bit vague and people can argue which works are considered a “short-story cycle,” but some of the ones that are usually agreed on are… 70 more words


Quote of the day

“I’m with you. No matter what else you have in your head I’m with you and I love you.”

Ernest Hemingway