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VN News Roundup #6

There have been quite a few releases after a quiet month, starting with MangaGamer’s sci-fi doujin Himawari -The Sunflower- by Frontwing! Youichi and his friend Ginga spend their days in the Space Club building a rocket, when one day they stumble upon a girl named Aries who had crash-landed close-by. 147 more words

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Corona Blossom Vol.2 on Indiegogo

Frontwing (Grisaia, ISLAND) has just revealed their crowdfunding campaign for Corona Blossom Vol.2 on Indiegogo! Backers smashed their $10,000 goal in just over 12 hours within their one month campaign. 114 more words

Visual Novels

Atom GRRRL!! Release

The Tarantino-esque yuri visual novel Atom GRRRL!! has been released by Cosmillica and Sekai Project. The protagonist Jessica L. Hustler comes back to Los Angeles after studying abroad, and finds out that her gang “The 99th Floor” is in trouble with the dominating mafia boss Big E. 49 more words

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NEKOPARA Vol.2 Release

NEKOPARA Vol.2 created by NEKO WORKs and published by Sekai Project has been released! This is a sequel to NEKOPARA Vol.1.

Known as the ‘catgirl patisserie’, business at the La Soleil patisserie run by Kashou Minaduki and his catgirls Chocola and Vanilla has been booming. 110 more words

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Sekai Project at AOD 2016

Sekai Project announced a series of titles during their panel at Animation on Display, starting with Winged Cloud’s (Sakura series) Sakura Dungeon.

An ancient fox spirit is woken from a long slumber by a hero, and discovers that she has been robbed of her precious dungeon and power. 311 more words

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