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Through their prolific remix work in the last decade, Erol Alkan and Richard Norris have brought psychedelic music to the dance floor. The band name they chose, … 229 more words


Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve - 'Diagram Girl'

Resting in the space between psychedelic rock and electronica is Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve (whose “Re-Amaginations” I’ve talked about before). ‘Diagram Girl’ combines etherial vocals and melancholic chords with a thunderous electronic beats. 37 more words

LA Priest - 'Engine (Erol Alkan's Transonic Re-Edit)'

Erol Alkan’s remixography is full of classics and his re-edit of LA Priest is one of the greats. The Morse code riffs, grinding synths and aggressive drum machines form a darkly danceable groove. 30 more words

Manchester Gigs of the Month – February 2016

If not exactly yet sprung, Spring is at least poking its dew-sodden head above the parapet. Which means the hibernation is over, and the gig circuit is well and truly back in motion. 805 more words

Erol Alkan - 'A Hold on Love'

I’m a big Erol Alkan fan (an Alfan, if you will). Normally, Erol Alkan’s remixes, re-edits and reworks are where it’s at, but occasionally he’ll put out a great original track. 46 more words

Tracey Thorn - 'Raise the Roof (Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve Re-Animation)'

‘Raise the Roof’ is a sweet little tune in its original form, but for me this remix (or re-animation) transforms it into something really special. Thorn’s soft vocals still take centre-stage and the calm mood of the original remains. 71 more words