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One-Forty or Less - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Lunch was not really what Sasha had in mind. Having scarfed down a poorly constructed and very late breakfast she was already having trouble keeping that down without the additional layering of more food. 2,151 more words


I Don't See Nothing Wrong...

“…with a little bump and grind…”

in my books. Today, as we edge closer to the holiday of love, I’m sticking with my music theme for the week and featuring fifteen books with a whole lot of sexy time. 3,344 more words


Dirty Writing

So recently I’ve been…dabbling in more adult writing.

Spoiler alert: it’s not easy. I mean, slice of life stuff? Two characters sit in a coffee shop and talk about movies they like. 336 more words

5 Things

My Dirty Little Secret

I’ve been writing some pretty filthy smut instead of working on the cowboy series. There. I said it.

I opted to use a pen name for these straight up porn-style reads.  343 more words


The Hotel

I get off the plane in the Netherlands and head through the airport. It’s been a long few days, just three days ago I was standing in the church waiting to get married to the woman that I thought loved me and she didn’t show up. 4,256 more words

Erotic Fiction


She had known his Uncle
Napoli or Naples
as the tourists called it
wasn’t far
and here in Sorrento he needed looking after
at least during the week… 256 more words



The men sat drinking drambuie
as the deck hands mended the nets
whilst the grandchildren played on the wharf
some of the boats made their way home… 296 more words