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Just how she liked it

She was quite the picture, lying nearly naked on her side, hands tied above her head and feet bound with soft rope, just tight enough to keep her immobile without any loss of blood flow. 577 more words

Erotic Fiction

A First Time Tryst

FICTON.  I hope you enjoy.

Lounging in her silk pajamas after Adam kissed her goodbye then left for work, Becca was mulling over every little detail for the weekend they had planned.  4,661 more words

Her Orgasms

Chapter One, Part 19: Josh and Diana talk about sex with Alistair

Josh: How was at work today?

Diana: Regular. How was your day?

Josh: Did Alistair return from Spain?

Diana: He did. And it seems he’ll be staying here for a while. 357 more words

Chapter One

What gets me hot

What makes me hot?

Knowing what I’m doing to you. Without ever touching you, I am changing you. Blood pumps harder, breath moves in ways that floods your brain with oxygen, making you giddy. 363 more words

Erotic Fiction

Flash Fiction Friday!

Brandon and his friends pulled into the dirt parking lot, with the windows rolled down.  It had been nine weeks since graduation, and they only had a couple more weeks before they all went off to college.  690 more words


Chapter One, Part 13: Alistair has sex with a prostitute (spanish)

Chica: Hola, guapo.

Alistair: Hola…

Chica: ¿Por qué traes esa cara?

Alistair: ¿Qué cara?

Chica: Así de… preocupada.

Alistair: ¿Se me nota tanto?

Chica: Mhm… ¿ Qué puedo hacer para levantarte el ánimo? 102 more words

Chapter One

Familiar vs Unfamiliar Characters

I’m wondering, as a reader, do you find it more interesting to follow the adventures of a familiar character in erotica? Or do you like to be introduced to new characters? 70 more words