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Uninhibited Naked Beach Encounter

Posts from a new blog I read yesterday are persistent in distracting me, infusing deep desires, and transporting me to a beach where I lay on a towel enjoying the sun and warm breezes on my nude body. 660 more words


Sticky Binds..

I walk to the window yet again, part the blinds with a finger, look out into the parking lot. I can’t keep doing this. Wait for her like this. 525 more words

Erotic Stories

Tipping Point (part 4)

I wrote this story about a dullard who decides to unwind at a strip club and finds out that “extras” can be a reality. This story came from a stretch of writing stories from a male point of view. 1,298 more words


Snake Charming In The Cereal Aisle

I need milk” pops onto my phone screen around midnight.
Messages from the snake charmer Рrare as they are Рnever fail to stir erotic memories of our encounters in the college study lounge a month ago where we discovered our mutual voyeur/exhibitionist desires.   8,049 more words


Can I taste you already?

I want, I need to taste you.

Take your dick in mouth while I stroke my lips.

Take it in my throat while I flick my clit. 429 more words

Erotic Stories

My Female Alphabet :: Q

Sick giggly one.

Who likes to fuck me with a black strap-on.

Must be something Freudian.

Femdom queen.

No strings attached.

You get me down on all fours. 293 more words

Erotic Stories

My Female Alphabet :: Roxanne

You were quiet, thoughtful, extremely well-read, very particular about using the right words, very sensitive about language, outwardly very calm, inwardly very, ehm, shifting between different options, yet very loyal to your decisions. 2,845 more words

Erotic Stories