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Rose and Ivy's Day Out


Ivy wandered around the house restlessly

It had been raining three days straight. 
Ivy was an outdoor lover. Hikes, gardening, even just playing basketball outside their garage. 2,406 more words

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Photos for my Valentine 

It is Valentine’s Day in two weeks and I have a surprise for Wes, well, surprises but I am the biggest one of them. We live in two different cities and I have come up with a way to make this year’s super special for us both. 1,753 more words

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Anger Management

“Fuck you…you jerk!

“You knew how important tonight was to me ” I screamed

“And you have never missed anything, you’re never busy.

You’re a fucking hypocrite!” his nostrils flared as he spit his words to me… 1,186 more words

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Let's talk about Chemistry

He had been teaching science a long time. He enjoyed science itself, but showing a group of eager learners – the real magic chemistry and science holds was far more satisfying then simply teaching. 2,296 more words

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Being My Own Valentine

It was Valentine’s Day.
Not that she cared. She really could do without the hearts and commercialism pushing relationships for profit.
After all, of all the things she considered tokens of love, none could be bought at a WalMart quite honestly. 1,243 more words

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Erotic Story: I miss you!

I had no idea Niyi was back and I assumed this text was his way of letting me know. I considered ignoring it. I considered simply switching off my phone and pretending I did not get the message but I knew I could not do that. 942 more words

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