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Morning Session

It was fresh and dark out when she arrived at the gym.  She greeted the personal trainer, the only other person there at that time of the day. 611 more words

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Finally revealed- The hidden ace the erotic stories industry has up its sleeve

Surprisingly, it takes up too much time, effort and a little bit of cash for many larger erotic stories companies to update their long established websites into something more amazing, the literotica industry had seriously come to a stand still. 373 more words

Erotic Stories

Jay and the Walk-In - Part 2

Melanie loved the taste of his cock.  The saltiness and the soft, spongy texture of the head on her tongue really was turning her on.  She gagged a few times in the quickness of the face-fucking, but she was able to relax her throat enough to let it slide in and out without throwing up. 713 more words


Aftermath - Sleeping Beauty

Never have eyes witnessed such sheer perfection as my own did that very moment. I couldn’t help but stare, even though I had done far more than that earlier. 338 more words

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Jen and the Mechanic - Part 2

Two days later, after some ice cream binge eating (because if she wanted to fucking eat ice cream all day, she would, godammit), Jen was feeling a little less angry about what Jake had said about her weight.   773 more words

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Danielle desperately, desperately wanted to be a model

Small investments can lead to beautiful things. I’m not talking about money, I’m talking about dealing with those urges we all experience every now and then. 1,336 more words

Erotic Stories

Window Seat (part 2)

I wrote this story close to two years ago. At the time, I was experimenting with telling stories within stories. I’ll be posting it here in pieces over the next few weeks. 910 more words