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A story about Erotic Fiction

Let me give you a timeframe, right now I would be in my second semester of my third year of college. I started college the same year I finished high school. 595 more words

Move Complete

My last story has been moved, Turn-of-the-Year Dinner now settled in its new home, ready for your enjoyment.
I’ll be cleaning up Blogger now, and let it redirect to this place. 108 more words


Password for Picking Flowers

I moved my unfinished story “Picking Flowers on my Birthday” to my new WordPress site, but for the time being I keep it locked behind a password. 48 more words

Erotic Stories

The Student

The Student

“I really like the way you sing and play guitar,” the young girl said and she approached the small platform where Josh Griffin was performing. 7,593 more words

Erotic Stories

Jari's POV 5

The day had been long after the huge, final aftermath of the business ventures in Japan a few weeks back. But it would make our next year spectacular. 1,820 more words

Mustaa Jäätä - Joulu

The Baptist

I am working on completing this as a short novelette. I am not going to publish any more chapters until I finish it. I just have to tie up a few loose ends. 28 more words

Erotic Stories