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My Dirty Little Secret

I’ve been writing some pretty filthy smut instead of working on the cowboy series. There. I said it.

I opted to use a pen name for these straight up porn-style reads.  343 more words


I Came To Say Sorry Part 1 (18+)

Patricia stood naked in front of the full length mirror and studied her reflection. Her full breasts still stood firmly despite having weaned two children. She turned around and looked at her bare buttocks which still bore the marks of the love bites that Mark had inflicted on it just the night before. 1,015 more words


Erotic Synergy is now available on Amazon.com and Barnes and Nobles.

Apollonia Saintclair

The Halftime Show

The year was 1992.  I honestly do not remember who was playing in the Super Bowl.  I am sure I could Google it and provide you with those additional details…but that’s not what we want is it? 1,173 more words


My review of TRANSmission

HOLY CRAP! What did I just read!!

Okay, let me back up a bit.

I read TRANSmission, the latest release by my good friend and overall naughty internet badass… 459 more words


Rendezvous Pt 3

C’mon, dude. Hold it together. It’s only going to last a little while longer.

No, I don’t think your wife is thinking of you. For all she knows, you’re at home or on your way there. 874 more words

Erotic Stories

Rendezvous Pt 2

Doesn’t it irritate you? Doesn’t it anger you-just a little-at how seemingly easy it was for your wife to disregard your text, as if it were a fly to be swatted? 853 more words

Erotic Stories