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Random act of falling Part One

“Yes?” You mean like ‘yes’ to moving in with me? Luukas asked when he was lying on the bed next to me after our fuck marathon. 1,772 more words

Rara Veritas

Free love weekend....

GIRLFRIEND AGREES TO SEX WITH HIS BUDDIES is a novel length tale about a group of friends, 2 girls 5 guys, spending a summer weekend together. 1,364 more words


Sex With The Client

Amanda reached her destination; she was meeting a new client on a Saturday.  Pulling out her phone she dialed her boss’s number. “Hello Janice? This is Amanda, I am at the cafe” Amanda nodded into her phone knowing her boss loved that she was now single as she had been working overtime to keep her mind of Dan. 1,451 more words



It was the simplicity of the ad that caught her attention. It was plain type of clean, sans serif lines – tall letters with their caps terminated at a slight angle. 3,131 more words



Random act of itch is edited. Much better… Editing is good for you. Do it often. I should do it much more often, because English is only my second language… but the texts I’ve written here are still drafts in my mind. 46 more words

Rara Veritas

Young wife seduced by the house guest

Available on Amazon Robbie and Tamika are a young married couple under financial pressure. They need to rent out a room to get through and Tamika won’t have another woman in her home so they decide on a man. 2,599 more words


A Porn Writer Walks Into a Bar

Shoulda worn that stupid beret, Frank Lee thinks as he takes a seat at the shady, unpopulated end of the bar. Now these rubes are never gonna notice my darkly foreboding brilliance. 627 more words