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Hot hitchhiker horror...

The road rolled beneath the smooth, powerful vehicle. It had been an hour since Kangaroo Flat with a number of small roads branching off left and right. 1,650 more words

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Pretty Mama

Jimmy was flat on his back with his head under the front end of the Fairmont. He was trying to loosen a rusty bolt at an odd angle. 4,191 more words

Is It a Crime?

The year was 1986.

I was quite the social butterfly that summer.  I’d made many new friends in my neighborhood and we were always sleeping over at each other’s houses.   1,810 more words


“Out here, though. Not in bed,” she whispered...

David grabbed the bag of Chinese food and hurried home. Clair was still in the bath, and he built a fire to take the edge off the evening chill. 1,418 more words

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An Ashley Madison Affair Story

“Come on, live a little.” I read the message from “goodolboy42” while laying in bed one evening “I’m a nice guy. I promise.”

I was suffering the aftermath of a debilitating emotional affair I couldn’t shake. 2,495 more words


The First Time I...

Summer, 1993.

It was a typical Saturday night.  I was between relationships and in between flings, and my roommates asked me to come with them to a party. 1,467 more words


Training Beth



Beth said goodbye to her two girl friends. She watched them turn the
corner into the main street, and then putting her school bag over her… 25,346 more words

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