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Naked (_I want you)

I want to take you naked
I want to break down your walls
I want to know the deepest secrets of your pink matter
I want to know what makes you do that nasty thing the pastor would not approve of… 228 more words

1920s erotic postcards are today's PG-13 selfies

Image: Bob Thomas/Popperfoto/Getty Images

Like the vast majority of erotic postcards from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, these were made in France. Such cards came to be known informally as “French Postcards” in the U.S. 10 more words

APPETIZER: Blind Taste Test

Blind Taste Test by Anne Lange

A stand-alone erotic short story.

Contemporary Erotic Romance, Menage

#eroticromance, #ménage, #contemporary, #olderwoman, #youngermen, #blindfold, #foodplay, #roommates, #setup, #romantic… 38 more words

Secret Hungers

Craving Him

I know that I’m not supposed to be like this. To be this in touch with my body, the primal lust that swells inside of me and drives me mad when I ignore it. 135 more words

Creative Writing

His Little Toy

A sweet and delicate


A shy, girlish smile

Hides intimate details

Of carnal desires

Taunting her psyche

Forcing her to touch

Her wet, slippery core… 16 more words

Creative Writing