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Imbibing My Offering

My fingers stroking through her hair,
I held her tightly against me
and savored the feeling
of her swallowing,
imbibing the creaminess
of my offering. 11 more words


Magnificent Maya

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Essence #29

He woke to the feeling
of her lying next to him,
her legs entangled with his—
it was the ghost of a dream.
© AC Elliott, 19-Sept-17… 11 more words


Daily Prompt: Tentative

Why the nerves,

You know me by now.


Oh my…wow!

You know,

How much I’ll please.

So undress,

Fall to your knees.

Open your mouth, 21 more words


Tanka - counting angels

Tho’ age has left it
stripped of will to stand up straight,
he still remembers:
counting angels come and gone
who’ve danced upon that pinhead.


Innocence Unnecessary...

And so I say to her, you have a beautiful smile. Because she does. And she does, smile and laugh and it takes my breath away. 124 more words

Sweet Dreams

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The two eventually switched positions and Ariana turned her attention to Seraphina. Ariana spread oil over Seraphina’s shoulders and back, moving next to her arms and thighs. 1,125 more words