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I never really knew what amazing was

I thought I did once or twice

They really wasn’t enough

The man I’m with now gives me a good insight into what I didn’t know… 124 more words


Your Sublime Arousal

She is your sublime arousal

Your instructions

Her wish

Her desire

Her need

Her want

Setting her aflame

With a look

With a word

With tone… 32 more words

My Writing

As long as..

As long as we have passion, there will always be an us…

As long as we have that connection, there will always be lust..


Saucy and Time and Slide

That’s when I am home,

soft reality of a drawn day,

drapes pulled open,

to see an evening lit sky,

the sill just above a wanderer’s eyes… 344 more words


In My Office

solace in afternoon sunlight

while quiet the shuffles slow

a silence overwhelms my night

having been here before we know

life is a crapshoot of possibility… 134 more words


Their Storm

 They anticipated the flash floods, a forecast to their intensity

Onslaught of kisses, jet streamed her breasts and drenched well into the valley

Reigns that pounded harder and harder, assaulted by hands and carried into bliss… 62 more words


Fingertips and Time

When I do imagine,

her steady desire discreet in action,

my, hard is the reaction,

wishing to know the manner that allows

her own tease to be somehow, just right, 169 more words