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Faded 4

Faded 4


Some Days the Rain May Fall by Kim Churchill

The jig was up.

Rachel did it.

I was so relieved but heavy in the same breath. 3,982 more words

The Other Duke by Jess Michaels (The Notorious Flynns Book One)

When cousin Cyril is accidentally killed in a carriage accident, Raphael Flynn, as next of kin, inherits the mantle of Duke of Hartholm. Not only doesn’t he want to be tied down to the duties of the realm, but along with the title comes a bride with an impending wedding date. 336 more words


A reader's cynical mind...

I read your words. I know you toil and scribble with an intent to heat up, and arouse your readers. Yes, I am, one of those readers. 455 more words

Erotic Fiction

The Storm

A wet pussy is like a small, salty ocean trapped inside a woman’s body.  There are tides, there are ebbs and flows, storms and surges.  There are moments when the pounding of that tunnel-shaped sea leaves the rest of you feeling drained, slightly bruised and aching.  151 more words


Review: Natural Law by Joey W. Hill

Author: Joey W. Hill

Book: Natural Law

tl;dr recommendation: a smut classic that is still relevant. Suspenseful & completely different than anything I’ve read before – loved it! 448 more words

Under a ceiling fan

We tear at
One another
Like animals in
Addicts trembling
Want their fix
Less than we want
One another

In sober moments
Let’s not be… 87 more words


I Will Toil And Scribble

I am obsessed with a desire to make you cum.

I string together words, thoughts, emotions and sensations on these pages like a man planning his seduction of you. 218 more words