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A Choice

When two burglars are caught red-handed, the aristocratic young lady of the house offers them a simple choice: she hands them over to the police, or they agree to be punished by her privately. 240 more words


You so titanic girl—

—you go down easier than scotch on rocks!

I earned my knee pads the old-fashioned way: by gobbling cocks whenever and wherever I could. It wasn’t my fault.

1,329 more words

Erotica (Warning: Adult content, sexually explicit, may offend)

So simple, so amazing: a journey into awareness

Chapter 10:  Erotica 

 (Warning: Adult content, sexually explicit, may offend)

 Love letter 2017


The erotica story I had planned to write turns out not to be a story after all but an email to my husband. 966 more words


A peek at something new...

It’s hump day, it’s the summer holidays, and this author is juggling her writing commitments with her parenting ones! I need something to take my mind away from the daily grind, how about you? 443 more words

Walking in the streets of Babylon

Babylon is a marvel of our times with beautiful gardens and temples, crossed by the Euphrates river and carefully defended by canals through which people from all the world can enter the city by many gates at disposal. 623 more words

Short Stories


Leon stood looking at an identical room to that that he’d seen opposite but with two exceptions. The first was the quickly evaporating liquid that he assumed had filled the chamber prior to its opening, the second literally made his jaw drop. 1,207 more words


Women radiate signals

Have you ever gone up to a woman in a coffee shop or somewhere else and just said ” Hi”. But she reacted by withdrawing and maybe at best a courtesy smile before she leaves. 364 more words