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When a woman
Runs along a beach her baubles
Jiggle wiggle
Bounce up and down like twin
Bowels of jell-o
When she is aroused like balloons… 29 more words


The Bumhampton Chronicles: Chapter 11 (Part 19)

“I will not rescind my permission, Ruby, I assure you. Please be… both you and Louisa… careful and vigilant.” Mrs. Cleanknockers seemed genuinely distressed on our behalves and I was moved to grasp her hands with a comforting gesture. 99 more words



You are more
Intoxicating than alcohol yet without
The hangover



You are
The moon whose siren

Calls out
To me brings out the wolf
To play


fs02: A Domme's View – Arc 1 – Chapter 10.1 Bonus Extra

Chapter 10.1

James Frederick “Freddie” Sanford was a neighborhood boy that grew up a few houses down from my childhood home. His father was also named James but instead of using some variant like Jim or Jimmy, he ended up going by his middle name in his early years. 564 more words


Erotica: fs02: A Domme's View Arc 1 Completed

For those who aren’t aware of my other blog and are actually interested…

I just completed the first volume of my 2nd fiction attempt, fs02: A Domme’s View… 37 more words


fs02: A Domme's View Arc 1 Completed

I plan to write a reflections post on this tomorrow but I figured I would announce that Chapter 10 is the last chapter of the first Arc of fs02.  35 more words