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On Sensual Living

“And just as music traverses walls, so sensuality traverses the body and reaches up to ecstasy.” – Anaïs Nin

As I began composing my thoughts for this post, “sensual living” seemed like the most appropriate term for organizing the topics I planned to discuss here. 1,083 more words


Poem #124

A midday baroque of fellatio…

‘Though we invade their intimacy of the corridor,

he begs us to join, voyeurs of their art
and principles of silence, 293 more words


The making of. 

Skin on skin we move

In innate patterns and waves

That make us human.


Cowgirl (Senryu series)

She shivered on him
and he let her nectars flow
on his limbs in love

With beckoning hills
she was down in the valley,
tangled in roots of life… 49 more words


OMG I'M CUMMING (a response for.........)

Original and © Andrew 

JFF and certainly not to be taken tooo literally or heaven forbid seriously……………….. note there’s no hate no nudity (well a little) no pornography and as I’ve written before :) in the unlikely event you’re under 16 why not go and play a computer game, it’ll be more fun than reading this (hopefully entertaining) silliness! 1,705 more words

Just For Fun


Two buildings fiercely kissing,

teeth onto teeth – stone bedding stone.

A chilly smacker – what vehemence.

Past meeting past, time digging in.

Divergent stories shyly mating, 31 more words


Beach sex

They’d been invited to stay with some new friends at their holiday home for a week in Mozambique. Although it was officially still winter the days were hot and the evenings were warm. 310 more words

Erotic Novel