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Class of kids

Im taking child development and its time for me to take the fake baby home for the weekend… Let the torture begin :,(


The baby daycare

Oh my this baby is getting kn my nerves and it barely started /.\ i was about to eat and the doll started crying i had to feed it for 30 minutes oh my… 22 more words



Sorry havent been writing long have had horrible week i just want it to finish so i can end the misery. ;( so iv been having trouble in my relationship and my ex and i put an end to it today i love my boyfriend and he understood how much he means to me. 17 more words



EROS INTACT – The Dialectics of the Sexes 3

This may become a little too abstract for you, honey – however, you should indulge yourself a little in this, if – together with me – you may reach the end to which all my small talk is trying to lead you. 1,004 more words


His Dick Spurted So Much Jizz Into My Mouth, I Almost Couldn't Swallow It Fast Enough, But I Sure Did It!

His dick was not particularly large, nor were his balls, but when he came in my mouth, after about eight minutes of my superb dick-sucking skills, his eruption was like that of a volcano; gobs of hot, white man goo, and he was coming so hard, and with so much intensity, that I quickly started swallowing, and some of it almost leaked out of my mouth, and down my face and chin. 760 more words


Tits! Tits! And More Tits!

Welcome back to my blog about my slutty adventures!

Here are some various photos of Tits!

Everyone loves Tits!


Tits, Tits, and More Tits! 11 more words


After a thunderstorm 

I woke up today feeling like shit, i didnt want to get out of bed after a huge thunderstorm lastnight and to be honest i felt so depressed along with the sky. 27 more words