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Goodreads Review: Story of the Eye by Georges Bataille

Story of the Eye by Georges Bataille

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Be warned, this review contains profanity similar to what you’ll find in this book upon reading it! 462 more words

Book Review

Aleister Crowley: The summit of the amorous mountain


TO love you, Love, is all my happiness;
To kill you with my kisses; to devour
Your whole ripe beauty in the perfect hour… 133 more words


The Sexiest Story Ever Told – X Rated

Well, now that I have got your attention, I will tell you a secret.  I lied.  This will probably not be the sexiest story ever told.  1,532 more words

Camille ~ #wwwblogs

passion and eroticism
beyond the shining light
of genius
a danger to mankind
the creations of her hands
lasting through centuries
the confident touch
of a lover… 56 more words


Everydayness(Sed non satiata) 1/37

Today I walk home like every day, but today the rain is with me, that smell of wet soil, those cold drops make all the passers-by faithful to a primitive instinct are gathered in the few spaces that offer shelter of water, I, in Change, I enjoy the rain, every drop evokes a memory, a sensation, an aroma, a skin bristling … At home I run to the shower, some hot water to regulate the temperature, but the sensations are still intact, I lie in The bed, the cold that sneaks through the window and the bones, -the memories come back and with them an erection-, I remember how your body moves in front of me while you masturbate to satisfy my voyeurism, your skin bristling, your vagina Overflowing with every rush of your fingers, a rapturous heat runs through my body from the mouth of my stomach and radiates like waves, my body contorts, my veins swell, my balls are collected, as if they explode and they want to happen: Instant where the orgasm And ejaculation come together to make me delirious with pleasure … 237 more words


Yet Another Effort

J.G Ballard once noted that the Marquis De Sade remains the spectre at the feast of European letters and thought. On the rare occasions when anyone decides to let him in from the cold, he leaves bloody footprints on the welcome mat. 443 more words