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erotic machinations

I dreamed the other night something I’d never dreamed before and it took a few days to like really come to terms with how deep inside me it must have come from, intensely sexual, insatiably intimate, irrevocably impossible to clear from my mind and is here now as it has been since, closer to the surface than ever before. 1,511 more words


An Erotic Poem

When I think of writing an erotic poem
Halfway, I start feeling
It would take a woman to write an erotic poem
Without making it sound vulgar… 130 more words


Buy my debut novel - "The Torture of the Octoroon: A Tale of Sex & Slavery"

In this erotic novel, Abigail and Susannah are half-sisters. Abigail is white. Susannah is not, being the result of their father’s extra-marital relations with a mixed-race slave at his tobacco plantation in Florida. 61 more words

Erotic Fiction


Your body takes my mind hostage. Undulations and curves, cascading sinuosity, the convex and concave. This is the shape and form of desire.

Lust is fugitive. 39 more words



The crevice of my ear still carries the hint of your breath,
shoulders bear the weight of bruising

Your grip is stencilled into flesh, yet… 41 more words


On the beach – Some crayon colouring on an ordinary picture

Many pictures taken on a beach showing a girl, or a boy, more or less undressed may be cute, even hot, in a homely circle, but have no actual interest among thousands of them being uploaded each day and shown on social networks. 213 more words