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Neither fish nor real meat: snakelike? – ... Anyway, still edible for a few


The first and only time I ate snake I didn’t know it and I was puzzled because it tasted like fish (some particular kind of fish I had often eaten in my boyhood). 516 more words

Genderfluidity And Gender Shifting


The normal citizen may only mask himself in his hypocrisy. Unless, of course, he would be living in the 18th century, which nowadays he doesn’t. 912 more words

Dialectics Of The Sexes

K. C. as a reference for transfeminine beauty and appeal

Her first name –at least publicly– is Kalindra, which sounds exotic and very pretty to my ears; also, seemingly Hindustani, if not really so. Very widely divulgated since time ago on several social networks and erotic websites, she has been a reference relative to HRT success, and a goal regarding transgender beauty (and sex-appeal) for many; I would say for most. 393 more words


Art Twist #4 – (Having a bath before being twice taken)

The source for this post is a painting by Pompeo Batoni Lucca: Susanna (1751) :

You know the story as told in the Bible, but I’m certainly more Greek (and, even more, Hindustani) in spirit than Jewish, and I have no restraining “divine” issues sharing my body in several ways and many different circumstances; not just for love. 498 more words

Portraits And Memories

From Androgyny to Feminity

I am perfectly aware that breasts, and especially their size, have very little value –if any– as a mesure of femininity. But for me are an interesting bodily signal of my gender shift. 291 more words

Genderfluidity And Gender Shifting

I wish I may, I wish I might...

This lonely loony strayed project of a girl posting here has –like Sally Brown from Peanuts– many weaknesses; among them: she day-dreams a lot and has many barely attainable wishes… Not unattainable, but anyway hard to attain. 173 more words

Private Life & Love

Lixie’s Loony Pics #5 – Deep purple androgyny (or was it femininity already?)

Makeup and long loose hair help much to look feminine, but I needed, and still need, among other things, to get rid of some excess of muscular volume about the shoulders. 351 more words

Genderfluidity And Gender Shifting