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Action Plan

On Friday we had the final critique of the Big Idea project. While it wasn’t the most full or inspiring day, it was definitely an important turning point for me. 510 more words


Eroticism | Booklet Update

I have spent the majority of today working on a final outcome for the final critique tomorrow afternoon. To be honest, the booklet format probably isn’t what I would have done if I’d had more time but I need to visualise my idea for tomorrow so it’ll do until I can put some proper thought into the visual presentation. 100 more words


California Contractor

If all these stars
if all these stars
are all the women I’ve ever fucked
then this life is a better life for you
and all the daughters you’ve ever known… 62 more words


Eroticism | Further Research

After my tutorial last week, where I was just told over and over to do more research, and with the fast approaching deadline, I have felt rather overwhelmed for the last week. 77 more words


Hungry gods

“I don’t think that person knows how sandwiches work,” you said condescendingly.

You have fits, I recognized that. My relationship with you has never been easy — filled with sex and shouting and hair pulling, my wrists still bruised from your cuff and bondage. 161 more words

Writing Prompt