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Holding Space

Hands traipsing lightly across my back.  Strong.  Soft.  Cloaked in darkness, I am engulfed by the feel of your skin against mine.  No pretense and no space between us.  241 more words


I Am A Slut Girl And Here You Can Read About My Adventures...

Welcome to my blog where I will amuse you and excite you with stories of my slutty behavior and sexual adventures. Sometimes I go braless, sometimes I don’t bother to wear panties, sometimes I might give a guy a hand job in an elevator, and you never know when I might flash my boobs at someone for no reason at all. 36 more words



Eroticism points to the deliberate seeking of pleasure in an exotic land that emerges through the synergy between you and your partner during love-making.
Oh god. 605 more words


In Russia...

In Russia…
There is a saying I av ovtern erd about vyour muverrrr.
It goes “None of ther men understand her at all, until some of their toes have gone amiss…”

Whole again

Big Mamma had me over her lap. First she pulled up m French knickers at my hips the material ripping on my pussy slowly.

She pulled my ruined underwear up under my breasts, I was only allowed to wear knickers with Big Mamma and occasionally ridiculously high heels. 468 more words


Logical Creaming

I need to know that you’re logical

That you could stop me from bleeding
to death
if we were up in the mountains
and I ripped my leg off… 42 more words


Fields Of Fog

As I sat looking out over the dreary fields of fog

I remembered the pores of skin on your legs

they laid out with the occasional reddish brown freckle… 133 more words