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And Aphrodite granted me her reddish

hymen that I craved
to push open
tough veil of my ambition
hymn that
I sang over the earth’s… 112 more words

Canadian-Greek Poets

The fascinating thing about my Vienna discovery

The fascinating thing about my Vienna discovery that it is better to stay drinking in my room and watching pornography right up until the moment I run out bursting for WOMAN, rather than having a couple of beers in my room and then going down and stupefying in the bar for a few hours till I have lost the will to live let alone f—k, is that it enabled me to actually see the effect of drink on my Priapism. 261 more words

Grand Theft Auto

Been playing alot and its soo good !! So i finally gave my boyfriend the website/app to my blog. Its ok for not lol but yea, im so tired and today is our 3months ^.^ yasss!! 57 more words


De ansias a la piel.

Me he olvidado de la costumbre,
De lo que diariamente a mi cuerpo le mata.
A mi piel le viste un escudo
Y no es casualidad que me huela… 455 more words


Los hemisferios de tu cuerpo me piden lloverte despacio.

Nunca vi mi anatomía estallar
Tan desmedidamente frente a un cuerpo
De la manera en la que
Mis huesos, nervios y cicatrices
Se abatieron en el centro de tu pecho… 579 more words


Fine Good Morning 

Woke up to the sound of my boyfriend and then afterwards we hung up and i went to see who was taking me to school and my step dad always says this line whether its morning or night time when he sees me “How’s Miss Beba doing this fine good morning”. 10 more words


Inside FKA twigs' Deeply Erotic 'Congregata' Shows

Halfway through the first of three sold-out shows that constitute the American debut of FKA twigs’ “Congregata” stage show last night (May 17), a group of dancers from New York City’s long-standing ballroom drag and voguing scene took over the stage at Sunset Park’s Brooklyn Hangar. 800 more words