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An Unsentimental Education

I refuse to be
Just another sentence
In your story. Loitering around
Like a skiving schoolboy
Hands deep in shapeless pockets 112 more words

Plain, homely eroticism as a consolation and remedy - Four samples in four hues

As far as I can recall, I began to feel a conscious attraction for human bodies around me very early in life, quite before puberty. I only knew in some detail (not much, but at least wholly) the bodies of my closest relatives: parents, sister; and a couple of friends from school. 621 more words


So finally my trip is almost at its end. Friday night in Brussels and I stay in my room

So finally my trip is almost at its end. Friday night in Brussels and I stay in my room, in my big white bed listening to classical music on the radio, Clara. 177 more words

Erotica - my original story

For context clarity and an understanding of what is true and what is fiction here please read my introduction post, if you don’t then I fear you won’t understand why and how I came to be in his bedroom. 4,734 more words


La fleur du dixième jour

Première porte, s’ouvrant dans un mur,
Crée un passage à l’amour le plus pur.
Je t’ai entrevue, marchant loin de moi ;
Instant magique, mon cœur en émoi… 499 more words



In the series Dialectics of the Sexes, no. 17

While evacuating the house that my mother left behind, I could not find the little Chinese porcelain statue of Kwan Yin. 756 more words

Dialectics Of The Sexes

Dizzy Red Riding Hood

Director: Dave Fleischer
Release Date: December 12, 1931
Stars: Betty Boop, Bimbo
Rating: ★★★★★

Following Van Beuren’s ‘Red Riding Hood‘ earlier that year, the Fleischer’s did there own take on Perrault’s famous fairy tale. 155 more words

Black And White Films