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Suicidal Thoughts: A Symptom of...

It was 18 years ago this month that I decided that my family, friends, and I would be better off if I was no longer alive. 2,104 more words

My new favourite word

I have a new favourite word … procrastibakingThis is the act of baking in order to avoid a task which actually needs doing. 163 more words


Introducing the SDK for the Sage 300 Web UIs


Sage 300 has always provided an SDK to allow ISVs to create accounting applications in the same way that we create our own applications like General Ledger or Order Entry. 805 more words


「基幹システム本番環境もIaaSへ!の新常識」セミナー開催! [ #cbajp ]

SAP ERPの基盤に課題を持つユーザー必聴のセミナーを12月8日(火)に開催します。グローバル化の進展とIT活用の高度化により,企業の経営環境の変化は,より早く・激しいものになってきています。このような中,IoT(Internet of Things)やビッグデータ等の新しい技術を活用してビジネスの拡大に臨むには,IT投資の7割以上を占める基幹系システムのコストを抑制し,攻めのIT投資へ転換していく必要があります。


Big Data

Preview Aleyant's NEW MIS/ERP Software, PrintJobManager, At Upcoming December Webinar

At our December webinar, Greg Salzman, Aleyant President, and, Ted Vickers, PrintJobManager Product Manager, will give attendees a preview of our new product, Aleyant PrintJobManager™ (APJM), as well as its integration with Pressero. 153 more words

MIS Solution

How real is the case for Global Part Number System?

Last week at PI Congress in Boston, I attended the presentation – Utilizing Industrie 4.0, IoT and Related Platforms to Boost a More Interdisciplinary Approach to Product Lifecycle… 476 more words

Daily PLM Think Tank

Progress is Possible: An Update on Reading

Sometimes when I think back and compare my present situation to where I was in the past I doubt the progress I’ve made in getting better from OCD. 601 more words