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日本オラクルがクラウドERPの導入パートナーを発表、9社13種類のソリューションで拡販 [ #cbajp ]

日本オラクルは2016年2月9日、クラウド型ERP(統合基幹業務システム)の「Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud(以下、Oracle ERP Cloud)」の導入支援ソリューションを提供する、9社のパートナー企業を発表した。パートナー企業は、導入期間を短縮したり、導入に必要なコストやカスタマイズを見積もったりするサービスや、グローバル対応したテンプレートなど、13種類のソリューションを提供する。日本オラクルは、パートナー企業と連携して、Oracle ERP Cloudを拡販したいする考えだ。



【要ログイン】経理部の紙のやりとりがなくなる? 中小企業向けスキャナー保存制度のはじめかた [ #cbajp ]




Stateless Versus Stateful Sage 300c Web UIs


When two computers communicate they use a well-defined communications protocol. In Browser to Server communications these are often broadly categorized as either stateless or stateful. 1,121 more words


The Classroom of the Future - Palpap

21st-centuryPalpap trust that the classroom without bounds will no more comprise entirely of space in the middle of the four dividers that encompass it and that because of innovation’s expanded significance and accessibility it will assume a substantial part in the upgrade of learning spaces. 143 more words


How An ERP Company Helps Users in Choosing the Right ERP Software System?

Nowadays, a critical question you commonly hear & notice in the industry is, why people hire ERP companies & get involved in investing in ERP software solutions. 357 more words

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An Article on "Configuring HCM Data Loader in Fusion Applications"

It seems a lot of Traction Now about Fusion Applications and specifically the major challenge faced by most Customers is Data Migration from Traditional ERP Systems to new age Fusion Applications. 107 more words


Manufacturing ERP Accuracy bottom-up

Manufacturing ERP Accuracy bottom-up

One of the many trends sweeping throughout Asia starting in the 90s where industrial revolution and information age took a spikey hike and popularity is ERP.  967 more words