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SharePoint 2013 Error: This product requires Microsoft. Net Framework 4.5

When installing SharePoint 2013, you receive the error “This product requires Microsoft .Net Framwork 4.5” but you have already installed it.

This is due to .Net Framework 6.x also being installed. 31 more words

Contar tu pasado sexual… ¿Error o acierto?

Cuando empezamos una nueva relación queremos saber todo y no dudamos en hacer cualquier pregunta a la actual pareja, pero cuando se trata de contar el pasado sexual… 441 more words


Unity Unable to merge android manifests Google Play Games Services

Unity 에서 안드로이드로 빌드후 실행하다

“Unable to merge android manifests Google Play Games Services”

라는 에러가 발생하면 Aseets/Plugins/Android 폴더에 있는

AndroidManifest.xml 에 다음 한줄을 추가한후 다시 시도해봅니다. 7 more words


'Scorched by American napalm': The media myth of 'Napalm Girl' endures

One of the most memorable photographs of the Vietnam War was “The Terror of War,” better known as “Napalm Girl.”

The image showed a cluster of terrified Vietnamese children fleeing an errant bombing raid near their village, Trang Bang. 618 more words

Media Myths

Funny Typos & Spelling Mistakes

We all make mistakes every now and then. Sometimes they are made by the developers, sometimes they are made by the technical authors or content writers. 188 more words

Technical Writing

Cod4 PunkBuster (PB) Problems

Even balance, have pulled PB support for CoD4, but however some servers and mainly competitive servers still use PB along with other anti cheats that use pb. 99 more words

Tableau 9.1.0

The company i work for stopped our Tableau maintenance last year. Maintenance expired on Sept 2015, so the latest version i could get is Tableau 9.1.0. 591 more words

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