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Research outputs checking

I’m assisting another team at work with checking research outputs our pre-award team and researchers have entered into our outputs system. As I’m new to doing so I’ve started out with Journal Articles and can I just say I got the job lot, my first journal article was standard fare, as was the second, but since then I think everyone’s gone and skipped the rule book. 230 more words


Thousands of people Unaware of "Do not resuscitate" orders

A huge number of individuals in England are having “do not resuscitate” orders forced on them without their family’s consent, a review has found.

According to audit by The Royal College of Physicians it has come to light that one in five families of over 9,000 dying patients were discovered to have not been made aware of the “DNR” orders imposed upon their relatives. 216 more words

Heresy in a Nutshell - straight from the Vatican.


The prophecies of recent years are no longer just the rantings of a few nutjobs.

The prophecies are now OFFICIAL FACTS, straight from the Vatican website, s… 150 more words

Errors And Truth

Why Catch(exception) is usually a bad idea

I always like reading what other developers are suggesting as “best practices”.  Occasionally, I come across one that seems to defy logic, such as “don’t allow comments in your code”.  704 more words

Lessons Learned

Adapt or adopt? Adaptation or adoption?

This is a Troublesome Pair that I find very commonly in academic writing, across a whole range of writers. It would be expected in people whose native language doesn’t use vowels (I had a very interesting conversation about Arabic-speakers having trouble with vowels in English) but I also find it in native English-speakers (it’s actually fairly uncommon to find both groups making the same errors) 217 more words


Resolve 'String Was Not Recognized As A Valid DateTime' Error

Today we will see the using of DateTime in code, possible mistakes while using and handling techniques to resolve the errors coming by using the method. 416 more words


Invent recalculation error

When I start the invent recalculation (Inventory and warehouse management > Periodic > Closing and adjustment), I receive the following error:

You can’t have unallocated cost on a planning formula. 158 more words