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The Unsaid Truth

Everyday I make a promise to myself,

Every night I break it.

Everyday I dress up and smile,

Every night I remove my mask.

Everyday I pretend to like things I dont, 92 more words

Prophecy Unfolding- the Current Pope, False Church and the Great Warning


This video is a summary of prophecies throughout the ages (and its application to the Church today), by renowned Catholic Theologian and author Dr. Kelly Bowring. 353 more words


First Step

There’s nothing like teaching your child learning how to ride a bike. It is one of memorable moments of child hood. Being a father I feel proud of seeing my daughter finally learn how to ride a bike. 549 more words


Common Writing Errors - Part I

While this website is in the business of offering editing and proofreading services to any and all who would like to improve their papers, I also want to offer free tips and advice to help students and scholars improve their overall writing skills.   672 more words

Academic Writing

Type 1 and 2 errors

Type 1 Error:

  • A type 1 error occurs when we incorrectly reject H₀.
  • A p-value is the probability of making a type 1 error.
  • α, or your significance level, is saying that you have a certain acceptable probability of making a type one error.
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5 Errors that should be avoided on First Dates

You know how people say that first impression is the last impression. Well that isn’t true. Although they are really important. I mean your first date could be a ‘how I met your mother/father’ story or something that will make you avoid that person for the rest of your life. 484 more words