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Screen tearing in Linux Mint

Pronounced screen tearing with Linux Mint 17.3 Mate (inherited from Ubuntu 14.04).

Solution is extremely easy.

Create the following file:

  • /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf

And enter the following content: 11 more words


Saying the Same Old Thing...

One of the challenges in writing novels is how we use language. A big part of that language (obviously), is the words we use to say what we want to say. 538 more words


Lawsuit claims Houston woman died after pharmacy gave wrong meds

This is a salutary story from the Houston Chronicle (http://www.chron.com/houston/article/Lawsuit-claims-Houston-woman-died-after-pharmacy-6743088.php) about a woman who was mistakenly dispensed hydrochlorthiazide (a diueretic “water pill”) by her pharmacy, instead of hydroxyzine (an allergy medicine) – because the names were so similar. 267 more words

Horror Stories

When coders skip the care

There’s nothing more frustrating than that program that crashes, right? You’re working away when all of a sudden it just disappears and an error dialog replaces that important document, spreadsheet or creative work you’d put a lot of effort into suddenly vaporises. 374 more words


Newtonian vs Relativistic Mechanics

Einstein’s Theories of Relativity led to a revolution in our understanding of the movement of bodies, particularly at speeds approaching that of light in an empty medium. 316 more words

Special Relativity

Is this Mercy or is this a diabolical disorientation?

Bergoglio commenced his talks on Mercy. As usual, there were blatant errors deliberately twisting the Truth. Excerpts are reproduced below. The complete article can be seen at:  580 more words

Errors And Truth


My dear students,

tomorrow (but every single day of the year) play it safe in the internet, and information technologies in general (including cell phones)! Be careful and avoid using social accounts if you are not sure they are safe. 375 more words