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If You Want Fast....I'll Give You Fast

Hello everyone,
This is Reinhard Marton, this is my website. By day, I’m a mild mannered Tech Guy. When I can, I RANT. I’m really excited to announce R. 42 more words

Some Good News

SSIS Folder Access Issue

While working on one of our projects we faced an issue with SSIS Folder access. Some users were not able to see all executions which happened for packages in the folder for which they have read access. 455 more words


Basic Content Marketing Strategy errors you should not make

The objective of any content marketing effort is to gleam clients’ enthusiasm without making them feel like you are an amateur writer. Content marketing incorporate media, graphics and text to attract potential clients by giving them information you feel they require in their lives. 515 more words

Xtext: Getting errors and warnings headless

I was thinking about creating a headless validator for my DSL. There are alot of possibilities how to use it after that. For instance you can validate the file headless and bind the validation to every another editor which can show errors and warnings. 299 more words


E-commerce driving DC need for mobile technology - Article from Modern Materials Handling

According to this highly informative article, picking errors resulted in an average cost globally of $59 per incident! Avoid the high cost of product shipment errors and the immeasurable cost of customer dissatisfaction by using high quality labels, ribbons and replacement heads from StickyPaper. 20 more words


Typos: When Are They Acceptable?

Typos. Everyone makes them. Editors, writers, communications professionals, teachers, and just about everyone else in between. They can be embarrassing, uncomfortable, and sometimes downright awkward. But sometimes they can do more that cause you to flush and send a quick correction. 545 more words


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