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Calgary: City auditors cite lack of confidence in water billing and water meters in wake of complaints

From the Calgary Herald

By Bill Kaufmann
September 10, 2017

In the wake of Calgarians’ complaints over drastic over-billing for water services, city auditors have expressed a lack of confidence in the process. 623 more words


“La Nazione-Stato come unità fondamentale della vita dell’uomo organizzata ha cessato di essere la principale forza creativa: Le banche internazionali e le corporazioni transnazionali sono ‘ora’ attori e pianificatori nei termini in cui un tempo erano attribuiti i concetti politici di stato-nazione” .

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ERT live in Rockford Recap Video

This ended up being a small project I did for myself and how I could work with making content for an artist but sadly the crowd wasn’t really a hip-hop loving audience so I did what I could in making this hype-ish. 60 more words


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i was going to make this the title as a joke, but according to google, ‘threequel’ is actually a word.

i’m back, my people.
here’s some of my recent art. 28 more words


Connect with your customer

Once the stuff of science fiction, the connected home is now a reality, with smart technology now found in almost all categories across consumer electronics and domestic appliances. 622 more words

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*sips iced coffee as loud as possible and whips head towards non-existent camera*
welcome back.

i first heard about this journal on loren’s blog. as soon as i saw it i was super excited to get my own and i knew i would eventually. 515 more words


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i’ve finally done some more art.

lyrics from neptune | sleeping at last

the heart didn’t turn out quite how i wanted it to, but whatevs.