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Writing, vulnerability and shame Part 1

Most kinds of writing or general forms of public ‘communication’ (audio recording, film, blogs, tweets etc) involve a kind of vulnerability. Perhaps it might be better to say that all forms of public communication involve vulnerability to the extent that we are putting something out into the world that is open to criticism. 1,357 more words

We are what We Wear.

Goffman claims that our whole life is a performance for those around us, we wear the stylistic mask of our society. We prepare a script of our actions and conversations before we enter a room and we wear the costumes to blend in and be accepted. 361 more words


This module was all about how you present yourself online. Ervin Goffman discussed the idea of Interaction Order to describe the way we selectively and intentionally reveal only specific information to others in our daily communication (Leaver, 2012).

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“Sociology in Ill-Starred Times: Crisis, Survival and Reconstruction”

MSSA Program 2006

The 32nd Annual Meetings of The Mid-South Sociological Association

Sociology in Ill-Starred Times: Crisis, Survival and Reconstruction

“Community Building in Cyberspace: Social Interaction and the Presentation of Self” 15 more words

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