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The Making of the White Garden ~ 5. Adding Grey

There have been many takes on colour-schemed gardens. But white gardens are perhaps the most difficult to pull off – or at least I think so! 639 more words

Garden Design

New border, new blooms

I have a new flower border! It had existed in my head for ages but finally, in April, we took spade to turf and dug away, It was quite a plunge to take but I’m glad we decided to dive in as I’m now beginning to see the effect I was hoping for. 1,003 more words

Blog Post

Asymmetrical Experiment

This week’s design happened a little spontaneously after a quick mooch in my local florist – Miss Mole’s Flower Emporium. Why I thought I’d be able to window shop and not buy anything I don’t know! 678 more words


Tackling the hand-tie

Out of all of the different designs I’ve learned since starting floristry, I’ve found hand-ties to be one of the hardest to master. Coming second only to wired bouquets, but I can’t bring myself to talk about wiring just yet – I’m still scarred. 414 more words


Early Sowing

Aphrodite, Norman Wisdom and Just Janet Sweet Peas. White and mixed Carnations. Pacific Giant Delphiniums for confetti. Cineraria. Eryngium. Cosmonaut Cosmos. White Giant F1 Antirrhinum. Irish Silk Alchemilla. Graceland Ammi Majus.

Top Tens for 2016

With a new season tantalisingly just around the corner (though no doubt winter will get a few words in edgeways before that), it’s always nice to sit back with a hot cup of coffee and reflect on the year just past. 426 more words

A-Z of botany: umbel

Today we have a type of inflorescence (in the style of the recent post about racemes) and a whole plant family though, inevitably, it is going to get more confusing than it, at first, seems. 471 more words