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Aches, pains and peonies

The arrival of Spring means a lot of jobs in the garden and with that I have found come a lot of aches and pains.  For me it is my lower back, neck and shoulders that feel it, particularly when I have done a few hours of one job at a time! 681 more words

Canterbury Botanical Society, Field Day Saturday February 14th

I won’t be able to attend but the first field day for 2015 will be to Lake Forsyth.  Exploring both freshwater and saline habitats on the lake shore.  110 more words

air RIN geum (aka Eryngium)

Ever had one of those toe May toe, toe MOT toe problems??
I have…and the above plant is one of them. If you worked out in the garden with me you would often hear me say (randomly) the pronunciation of this, or sometimes other, latin plant names. 171 more words

Locally Grown Cut Flowers


The Eryngium, or Sea Holly, is one of the plants I would love to grow in my garden but cannot. Since it needs excellent drainage and full sunshine it cannot cope with my heavy clay soil and the abundance of trees that block the howling winds. 28 more words


Silent Sunday: Flowers grown for drying

Accrolinum, statice, ammobium. xeranthemum, eryngium, nigella, nicandra, lavender, achillea.


Eryngium giganteum

Latin Name: Eryngium giganteum
Common Name: Miss Wilmott’s ghost
Family: Apiaceae
Plant type: biennial
Origin: Caucasus
Hard Zone: 4-7
Mature Size: 4′ x 3′
Leaf: heart-shaped, and smaller spiny ovate stem leaves… 22 more words


Three Eryngiums

It’s difficult to photograph tall, narrow plants, but I have done my best to represent Eryngium agavifolium. This impressive stalk stands a bit taller than me, about five and a half feet. 341 more words