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Yummy-Yam cool macaroons

Sweet and delicious! I said!
Because we drop off the sugar about three weeks ago, but we really like the deserts in generally, I have to come up with something to keep the childish snacks in our day to day life. 190 more words

100 Pure Erythritol Crystalline Now Foods 25 lb Granules

o Encourages strong arteries and supporting cardiovascular functions and thereby, increasing blood circulation

Coco pure has added Green Tea, Resveratol, and soluble fiber that has added benefits – this unique combination enhances cardiovascular and arterial health, which helps in increasing digestion and blood circulation and supports healthy immunity, and provides increased energy to your body. 227 more words

Choosing the best, low fodmap, chocolate

I am a chocolate lover and I am guessing that 99% of you are as well…

There was a time when I thought I was intolerant of chocolate and I was absolutely devastated. 351 more words

Low Fodmap

Red, White, and Blue Cobbler

The tart or pie cherry is a pretty yard tree all season, and gorgeous in full fruit, with the glowing colors of a Russian enamel. This year my pie cherry tree bore heavily for the first time, and after making a new supply of tart cherry liqueur (no sugar this time,) I made a few cherry cobblers. 415 more words


So Good, You Just Might Lose Your Marbles!

Brownies are good. Cheesecake is good. Ultimately, they are a marriage of near perfect indulgence when combined. Neither of them, however, particularly scream “have another, and another, and another… and you won’t regret it.” Unless of course, you are doing things… 980 more words

High-volume Eating

Just Say Yes To Cookies

Yesterday we made our weekly trip to Costco and Cody bought a package of their cookies. If you have never had a Costco cookie, don’t try one. 288 more words

Heavenly French Toast

It is another rainy day in Texas and I wanted to make a delicious breakfast for my two boys. I absolutely love french toast and the original always left me feeling sick and gave me a major sugar rush. 241 more words