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Chocolate chickpea mousse (high fibre, low calorie, vegan)

This is a healthy dessert that is quick and easy, yet still tasty. What makes it healthy? Well, it is high in dietary fibre, thanks to the chickpeas, and is far lower in calories and refined carbohydrates compared to any traditional chocolate mousse. 151 more words


Sugars that are good for you! Yes! they exist!

Before I begin to explain, I want to refresh your memory and give you some info on sugars you may have not even heard of: 612 more words


Healthy Rocky road ice cream

What’s not to like about Rocky road? It’s got milk chocolate, sweet marshmallows and sugary glacé cherries combined with nuts and coconut. Yes Rocky road is delicious, but it is not particularly healthy with all that sugar combined with fat. 617 more words


Two Artificial Sweeteners Kill Fruit Flies

Continuing their research into potential ingredients for human-safe pesticides, Drexel University researchers recently found an artificial sweetener that, while harmless for male fruit flies, proved particularly lethal for females. 553 more words

Entomology News

Stevia natural sweetener

Stevia is a plant in which the leaves have a natural sweet taste. It’s part of the Chrysanthemum family. The plant is grown in Paraguay, Brazil, Japan and China. 211 more words


How Sweet It Be

Or, why erythritol is my alternative sweetener of choice. I also love me some (real) maple syrup and raw honey. Coconut palm sugar is good too. 1,128 more words


Prepping for success

Since the beginning of the week I have been at it 100% and it’s going really well so far. My mind is strong and I don’t even feel tempted to cheat with anything. 301 more words