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Aldous Huxley's Influence on the Esalen Institute

Although Murphy and Price actually met Aldous Huxley only once, in January of 1962 when the author visited them briefly in Big Sur shortly before his death on November 22, 1963 (the same day, it turns out, that JFK was assassinated), his intellectual and personal influence on the place was immense.

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Here,  a few paces down from  Esalen, Jaimie made our morning pour-over, organic coffee.   With this view, coupled with the sweet, gentle air,  we called it our million dollar cup of coffee….because everyone says the view here is worth a million dollars. 129 more words

MUST WATCH/LISTEN -- Nonviolent Communication, Pt. 1 "Is NVC Consistent with the Trivium Method?" 229 w/Bill Joslin

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May 24, 2015

Episode 229 is an interview with Bill Joslin, his sixth appearance, titled: Nonviolent Communication, Pt. 1 “Is NVC Consistent with the Trivium Method?”. 519 more words


Mad Men: Going Going...

It’s all over but not the debate.  Both commentaries in the New York Times (in Logan Hill’s blog online on 5/18/15 and in Alexandra Stanley’s printed review on 5/19/15) discuss the ending as a clear message that Don Draper is back in the fold, “creating” the iconic Coca Cola ad that ends the show.   964 more words


Mad Men: Person to Person, or A New Day, New Ideas, A New You

There are several tried and true ways to end a beloved TV series.  You can end the “story” of the series, disperse the characters, and send them on with the rest of their lives – the approach taken by “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “The Office.”  You can project the characters into the future so we can see what will become of them (the so-called American Graffiti approach adopted by Six Feet Under and The Wonder Years).  3,814 more words

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Spent a week at Esalen attending a workshop with Sally Kempton on Kudalini and meditation. Fiery! An amazing place on the pacific coast south of Big Sur. Highly recommended.