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SF locations abound in Emerson Mysteries...

Richard “don’t call me Dick” Emerson, SF Missing Persons Detective, is on the case!

Locations in Book One include: The Palace Hotel, Pied Piper Bar, Esalen and Tadich Grill. 19 more words

San Francisco

Terence McKenna Archives - Random Item #15 - The Evolutionary Mind Reviewed by David Jay Brown

In 2005, a new edition of The Evolutionary Mind was published, consisting of transcribed selections from the trialogues between chaos mathematician Ralph Abraham, renegade biologist… 211 more words

The Complicated Past and Present of a California Utopia

“And yet, like all utopian experiments, Esalen’s cracks widened as it grew in popularity and began to attract this wealthier set. Today’s guests hardly care about any sort of counterculture; they care, as Wolfe pointed out, about self-improvement.” Cody Delistraty spends a weekend at Big Sur’s Esalen Institute, once a bastion of hippie counterculture.


The Complicated Past and Present of a California Utopia

The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, was once a bastion of hippie counterculture. Today, it’s more boutique retreat for the glamorous set. I spent a long weekend finding out if the ghosts of its past—and its countercultural heart—remain.  2,943 more words


Stuck in Paradise

With a great hush of orthodoxy
this sacrament on a cliff face
sits groaning beneath the weight
of its own romantic mythology.
Wide-eyed guests wander the grounds, 79 more words

Vince Stamey