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The Complicated Past and Present of a California Utopia

“And yet, like all utopian experiments, Esalen’s cracks widened as it grew in popularity and began to attract this wealthier set. Today’s guests hardly care about any sort of counterculture; they care, as Wolfe pointed out, about self-improvement.” Cody Delistraty spends a weekend at Big Sur’s Esalen Institute, once a bastion of hippie counterculture.


The Complicated Past and Present of a California Utopia

The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, was once a bastion of hippie counterculture. Today, it’s more boutique retreat for the glamorous set. I spent a long weekend finding out if the ghosts of its past—and its countercultural heart—remain.  2,943 more words


Stuck in Paradise

With a great hush of orthodoxy
this sacrament on a cliff face
sits groaning beneath the weight
of its own romantic mythology.
Wide-eyed guests wander the grounds, 79 more words

Vince Stamey

JANUARY 16--Ropes Course for Souls

Big Sur. I had it in my head that we needed to get here.

The glorious, big days are somewhat easy here. Night is still night, and nights are hard. 713 more words

January: Designing a Healing Retreat

Have you gone on retreat? Would you like to go again? What are the list of reasons why you haven’t (yet)? What if you could set those reasons aside, design the retreat of your dreams, and GO! 713 more words

Month 1

The Halcyon Principle

Burning Man has gathered 100 of the leading thinkers in the Burner community at Occult Base Esalen, to try to come up with some ideas about… 888 more words