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Surprising Causes of Our Budget Crisis

As I have watched America’s deficits swell since the beginning of this Great Recession, the numbers haven’t added up for me. How could our country’s budget swing from a surplus of $300 billion in 2000 to a deficit of 1.4 trillion dollars in 2011? 1,102 more words

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$58,752 for 18 Days of Involuntary Committment to Mental Hospital

$58,752. Take a good look at this number.  It’s the cost for 18 days of room and board (no additional services like medication and Dr. visits are included) at Fairfax, a private mental hospital in Kirkland, Washington.*, where I was involuntarily committed back in May 2008 to mid June 2008.  585 more words

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The Cost of Generic Drugs VS Name Brands: Lamictal

The Cost of Generic Drugs versus Name Brands:  Lamictal

Although first approved by the FDA for treatment of  epileptic seizures in December 1994, Lamictal wasn’t approved for maintenance treatment of Bipolar 1 Disorder until June 2003. 536 more words

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Insanity (or not) is Expensive

Today I went to the pharmacy to pick up my 30 day supply of prescriptions for my mental illness.  My generic Risperdol (.5 mg) cost $92.19. 168 more words

Escalating Healthcare Costs

The Case For Insanity

The case for insanity is compelling

In early February 2008, at the beginning of my traipse into a world of make-believe, I had ESP.  How cool is that? 257 more words

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