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I am thinking heavy thoughts again. Not sure why. I prefer light thoughts and wordplay. But anyway.
Someone tried to sell me a narrative yesterday. One that explained someone’s very poor behaviour toward another person by saying: they acted poorly because they were subconsciously begging the person to yell at them and get angry. 269 more words


Is my purpose to learn how to experience moments of deep awareness and relaxation and is this an exciting and momentous start but doesn’t the actual doing have a thousand and one escape hatches? 138 more words


Photo Escape

Many of you have not been in my room. Let me describe it to you. It has four walls, a window, and more than 20 escape hatches. 248 more words

Putting my stuff up where someone can see it

I just posted a draft article that I wrote with my advisor Amy Weinberg on LingBuzz, which has become a sort of joint working papers archive or respectable self-publishing system for generative grammar folk.  335 more words

GLOBAL - A new set of guidelines has been released to reduce sea turtle mortality in fishing operations.

Fishing is known to be seriously damaging to the sea turtle population. They are often accidently captured in nets or on hooks — a circumstance referred to as “by-catch” — and often die before they can be released. 364 more words


Escape and Abandonment

“A Decisive Moment on the Underground Railroad”

We waited for our passengers until dusk by the escape hatch at the outside perimeter. I hid and watched the shadows creep across that wall, calmly and without resentment, certain she would surface. 33 more words