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Haiku Journal Day 190 - Surreal

Behind surreal days
Daily rollercoaster rides
Why not self employed?

Haiku Journal

Day 37 - Epoophany (Ayahuasca III)


I reference an old song at the end of this post and feel the need to include a slightly modified version of its opening disclaimer: 1,478 more words

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Haiku Journal day 182 - midlife crisis

I should be grateful
yet anxiety washes
where is my reprieve?

Haiku Journal

What are the values that define your choices and guide your decision making? #happiness

Happiness comes from knowing oneself well or at least better. Introspection is hard, takes work and can one ever be really sure that they’ve got an objective view? 300 more words


It was great to catch up with friends in Paris, one of my favourite cities, but after 24 hours I got the feeling that it’s a little unwell. 377 more words

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Tricky Day Twenty - Oktoberfest Part II

Word of the Day: Oktoberfessionals Рprofessional Oktoberfest revellers

In only my third year at the wiesn I cannot claim to be anything close to professional, but there are some things I have learned. 943 more words

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Day Eighteen - Oktoberfest Part I

Word of the day: Teutonic – characteristic of or relating to the German people

Cocktail of the day: Gin and Teutonic Рgin, tonic and bitte lemon  631 more words

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