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The Sticks Day Trip

Back in January 2017 I stayed at The Sticks in Kuala Kubu Bharu for the first time; it wasn’t my last. But time doesn’t always allow  for the luxury of a weekend getaway, and when the heart wants what the heart wants – like a day trip away by the river, owners Michelle and Rubin happily welcome day trippers. 841 more words


Day 109 - Two Nights and No Days in Bogota

After saying goodbye to Andy and Jolie in Nicaragua I spent a whole 10 days travelling alone in Costa Rica, having to talk to strangers and make friends without anyone to hold my hand. 1,147 more words


Living the 'high' life in Alba (tipsy on a hilltop)

After my short but sweet (and savoury) encounter with Turin, it was time to discover Piedmont’s more rural side. And when I say rural I mean posh-backpacker-style rural, complete with truffles and wine ;) So, off I went to Alba, Italy’s truffle… 370 more words


Day 83 - Amateur Hour in Nicaragua

Words of the Day

Caldera: A large cauldron-like depression that forms following the evacuation of a magma chamber

Camping: (Informal) The act of attaching a bed sheet(s) to the side(s) of a bunk bed in a hostel dorm room to provide privacy for a couple partaking in sexual activities on the bottom bunk… 990 more words


Day 65 - Not Really Travelling in Madrid

Word of the Day


Going from one place to another, as on a trip

Oh hi blog fans! I enjoyed my two week sabbatical but it’s good to be back. 1,166 more words


Five reasons why Ischia is SO much better than Capri

If you know the Amalfi Coast, you will probably have heard of Capri, the jet set island for the rich and famous in the Bay of Naples. 626 more words


Day 37 - Epoophany (Ayahuasca III)


I reference an old song at the end of this post and feel the need to include a slightly modified version of its opening disclaimer: 1,478 more words